Process Nerds Unite! Where to Go to Master the Next Big Thing in Process Excellence

By Brandon J. Ortiz
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If you thought processes werenโ€™t cool, maybe itโ€™s time to think again.

Because when you dig into the history of business transformation, you quickly find that behind every great sea change, thereโ€™s a process nerd. From Frederick Winslow Taylor, who introduced the idea of management consulting and process standardization in the late 1800s, to Taiichi Ohno, Kanban, and Kaizen, to Peter Druckerโ€™s management principles, to Motorolaโ€™s Six Sigma in the โ€˜80s and Lean in the โ€˜90s.

Process nerds were behind it all. Sometimes they focused on small efficiencies โ€“ tinkering at a granular level to rack up compound gains. Sometimes they focused on wholesale reinvention to unlock levels of output the world had never seen before.

Now, industry leaders and analysts alike say weโ€™re witnessing the next leap forward in the history of Process Excellence:

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Source: Harvard Business Review

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 10.34.08 AM
Source: Enterprise Management Associates

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Source: TechCrunch

So the experts agree: Process Mining is the next big thing for Process Excellence. But why trust them when you can see for yourself at the Celonis Superfluid World Tour? Join us at one of our upcoming free, one-day events in eight major cities!

And when you show up at the World Tour stop of your choice, you should be ready to ask questions that will help you learn what this Process Mining is all aboutโ€ฆ here are a few to get you started.

3 Nerdy Questions You Should Ask Us at the Superfluid World Tour

1. โ€œWho is Celonis for?โ€

This is a question we get a lot โ€” in a lot of different forms. Is this more of a tool that sits with a business unit like Finance, or with a group like Shared Services, or with IT? What systems does it work with โ€” SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforceโ€ฆ? What departments can benefit from it โ€” Finance, IT, Customer Service, Productionโ€ฆ? Is it something an everyday analyst or an executive would use, or is it more for data scientist types?

The short answer to all of these questions isโ€ฆ all of the above.

At the World Tour, you can get a longer, more useful answer to these questions from a variety of perspectives, by connecting with the Celonis team or one of the dozens of Process Mining pioneers whoโ€™ll be there. Whether you have a basic question about getting started or a complex question about implementation and governance best practices, the World Tour is the best place to find your answer.

2. โ€œWe already have a Process Excellence group, and consultants that help with process optimizationโ€ฆ where does Process Mining fit in?โ€

Process Mining might just be the new โ€œsecret weaponโ€ for Process Excellence, but that doesnโ€™t mean the old ones are suddenly obsolete. On the contrary, many Process Excellence teams are adding it to their arsenal and using it in conjunction with tried-and-true methodologies like Lean Six Sigma.

Some process gurus even say that Process Mining allows them to do their job better, since they can spend less time and money on lengthy process-mapping efforts, and more time actually improving the processes themselves. Martin Rowlson, Global Head of Process Excellence for Uber, is one such guru: โ€œBeing able to compare visually, on one screen, how one process is behaving, and how it may be behaving in a different location, and being able to see that side by sideโ€ฆ itโ€™s incredibly powerful.โ€

For more on this, the one-and-only Tom Davenport will be joining the US World Tour events as our special guest keynote speaker. You wonโ€™t want to miss the chance to hear his insights on Process Mining and the future of operational excellence!

3. โ€œHow does Process Mining support our current strategic business initiatives?โ€

Maybe your reaction to learning about Process Mining was something like: โ€œCool, an amazing new tool!โ€ Or maybe it was more: โ€œOh no, another new tool.โ€ Either way, we hope when you see Celonis in action, you see the potential to not just enhance your everyday business processes, but to make progress on your companyโ€™s most critical business initiatives.

If youโ€™ve got a looming system migration on the horizon (S/4HANA, anyone?), Celonis can help you ensure a smoother transition and roll-out. If youโ€™re gung-ho about robotic process automation (RPA), Celonis can help you identify the optimal candidates for automation and ensure youโ€™re automating the right steps of the process. And the list goes on: from working capital optimization to audit to post-merger acquisition, process nerds are finding all kinds of ways to put Celonis to work on mission-critical projects.

At the World Tour, youโ€™ll hear from business leaders that are on the cutting edge of Process Mining innovation, and get a chance to see advanced Celonis features like Action Engine, Transformation Center, and more.

Ready to Nerd Out with Us?

We know you have questions. And we planned the World Tour to be the place where process nerds can come and get answers โ€” and have a great time connecting with the Process Mining community while theyโ€™re at it.

Head over to the Superfluid World Tour page to claim your spot!

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