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These microlearning courses teach the skills tech employers want

Microlearning was the top online learning industry trend for talent developers in 2018, according to a report by LinkedIn Learning, and they’ve only grown in popularity since then. It’s no wonder why. Research has shown that these short, highly-focused training sessions are a proven way for business professionals, software developers, engineers, and learners of all types to pick up new knowledge or grow their existing skills. And since employers are looking for data-centric employees, those skills should include process mining, process management and execution management. New microlearning courses from Celonis Academy are designed to provide those skills and in May 2022, we’re dropping new content for PQL (process query language). 

What is microlearning?

If you haven’t tried microlearning yet, the time is right. Microlearning courses are small e-learning modules that cover a single subject or functional skill and are designed to take less than 15 minutes. Microlearning lessons can contain short videos or audio clips, interactive learning material and brief knowledge check quizzes.

Celonis Academy microlearning courses

As of this writing, Celonis Academy offers dozens of microlearning courses across a wide range of subjects, including process mining, task mining, execution management, sustainability and the Celonis EMS (execution management system). Here are just a small sample of the nearly 70 courses, all designed to take 5-minutes or less:

  • What is Process Mining? (video, 3 min): Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering how your processes actually run, improving them based on your insights, and monitoring the effects of your measurements.

  • What is Task Mining? (video, 4 min): Celonis Task Mining is the technology that allows businesses to capture user interaction data, so they can analyze how their people are getting work done, and how they can do it even better.

  • Celonis PQL: Design Goals & History - NEW! (video, 4 min): Find out about the five main pillars and history of Celonis PQL.

  • Basic Coding with PQL - CASE WHEN (video, 3 min): Have a look at what you can do with the CASE WHEN function.

  • Action Flows Demo (video, 4 min): See how easy it is to set up an Action Flow.

  • Getting Started with Sustainability (video, 2 min): Identify and measure your CO2 emissions learn how to take steps towards being carbon neutral.

  • What are Celonis Digital Badges? - NEW! (video, 1 min): At Celonis Academy, we are committed to helping you develop the skills needed to achieve your professional goals - and we want you to share them with the world!

And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check the Celonis Academy News and Announcements page periodically, as new courses are added regularly.

Learn process mining and execution management skills

Celonis Academy offers over 300 courses to help you learn the process mining, process management and execution management skills that today’s employers are looking for…all online and all for free. It’s quick and easy to register for Celonis Academy. For more information about the on-demand training courses and learning material available from Celonis, check out the following resources:

If you want to help build the execution management and process mining systems that will be part of every enterprise IT toolkit, come work for Celonis!

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Bill Detwiler
Senior Communications Strategist and Editor Celonis Blog

Bill Detwiler is Senior Communications Strategist and Editor of the Celonis blog. He is the former Editor in Chief of TechRepublic, where he hosted the Dynamic Developer podcast and Cracking Open, CNET’s popular online show. Bill is an award-winning journalist, who’s covered the tech industry for more than two decades. Prior his career in the software industry and tech media, he was an IT professional in the social research and energy industries.

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