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Why Celonis is revamping benefits for new parents

Today, at Celonis, we are launching expanded global Parental Benefits across our entire company – fittingly coinciding with Global Day of Parents, a United Nations observance that celebrates the importance of parenting every year.

With this shift, Celonis moves into the top-tier of employers offering parental benefits, putting us on par with what’s available at some of tech’s biggest names and outpacing all the rest.

Our previous benefits were already well in line with industry norms – so why push it further?

For one thing, it’s just the right thing to do for our employees. Most of them are Generations Y and Z, a cohort moving into the family-building years. We know from listening to Celonauts many of them want to nourish children alongside their careers, and they’ll need sustained support from us to make that happen.

For another, it’s consistent with our focus on creating robust opportunities for women and others long underrepresented in the tech industry. Paid leave helps women stay in the workforce. (One U.S. study found that nearly 30 percent of women without access to paid leave stopped working within a year after giving birth – and 1 in 5 did not return for more than a decade.)

For yet another, we’ve learned a thing or two about what Celonauts need when they are caring for young children and want to put those learnings into action in a systemic way. Our new approach expands leave options, increases flexibility, adds stay-in-touch support and ongoing professional development, among other updates.

(Scroll down to find key highlights of our new approach. And yes: we’re hiring – come work for Celonis!)

Those are all great reasons, no question.

But there’s more: We see supporting families as the right thing to do for the greater good – for communities, societies, countries… yes, the world.

That’s because study after study finds that nourishing children in their earliest years helps new generations become healthier, stronger and more resilient. They are more likely to grow up to become the kind of forward-looking leaders our complex world needs. 

In a very real way, then, our investment in parental benefits is an investment in the future for our planet. 

This focus on the future is in the very DNA of our company. It shows up everywhere, from how we work with our customers to unlock their business value to how we fund educational opportunities through our Celonis Aspire Program.

We aim to be a generational company, one that will be successful and relevant for generations to come. 

So today, while the world honors the hard work of parents everywhere, Celonis is deepening its commitment to our Celonaut parents, both for what they are doing today and how that will help the world tomorrow. Because that benefits us all.

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André Heinz
Chief People and Culture Officer

Responsible for our People and Culture organization to develop top-tier talent and create a culture where all Celonauts can grow, learn, and lead.

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