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Wipro launches Connected Source to Pay with Celonis and ServiceNow

Procurement is a critical function for any company. It’s how organizations acquire the goods and services needed to run their business. Yet the processes and tools that employees rely on haven’t kept pace with the broader innovation and work trends of the last several years. Two powerful tools to help you transform procurement at scale and under budget are Celonis and ServiceNow Source-to-Pay Operations.

In 2021, Celonis and ServiceNow formed a strategic partnership to help customers maximize the impact and return on their digital transformation efforts. Together, they built out the Find, Frame, Fix formula to address challenges across various functions. At the most recent stop of Celonis World Tour in London, customers had the opportunity to learn about the Connected Source-to-Pay Operations approach.

Connected Solutions bring together intelligence and actions

Connected Solutions are purpose-built applications that combine the power Celonis’ dynamic process intelligence with the ServiceNow platform. Wipro is the first solution integrator in the UK to go to market with Connected Solutions.

Connected Source to Pay - Celonis ServiceNow Wipro - London WT23

Celonis process mining software provides organizations with an in-depth understanding of their procurement and finance processes. By analyzing data, it identifies bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement. Celonis then provides real-time insights that help procurement teams make informed decisions, optimize their processes, and reduce costs. ServiceNow’s Source-to-Pay Operations solution provides a single platform for managing the work of procurement, including procurement requests, supplier onboarding, approvals, and invoice processing. With its intuitive user interface, ServiceNow streamlines the procurement process, reduces manual tasks, and automates workflows. When combined, Celonis and ServiceNow offer a powerful procurement transformation solution. Celonis finds and frames inefficiencies in the procurement process. ServiceNow then fixes these inefficiencies quickly and effectively. Wipro, with its years of domain expertise and technical capabilities, will deliver the end-to-end solution for clients.

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Jake Korossy
Partner Account Executive

Jake Korossy is a Partner Account Executive at Celonis. He focuses on technology partnerships and Go-To-Market activities with ServiceNow, Microsoft, and others.

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