Celonis World Tour 2021 Sessions

Celonis World Tour 2021 Sessions to Look Forward To!

What makes top-performing companies truly stand out from competitors? What makes them better, faster, innovative? You might think it’s the talent of people working there. Or the vision and product strategy the leadership has. And maybe even the technology they’re using.

But above all, it’s their business execution. Execution is what brings a vision to life, what puts a plan into motion; and only if you run at full capacity, breakthroughs occur.

That’s why the Celonis World Tour is all about mastering data-driven business execution. See how companies like Wells Fargo, HP, Mars, Vodafone, or BMW are driving innovation and outcomes with data and intelligence.

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This year, our virtual roadshow across three continents is tailored to your level of experience and interest like never before. Whether you’re just getting started on your business execution journey or you’re already a tried and true Celonis expert, we want to make sure you walk away with invaluable knowledge impactful to you and your business.

That’s why we’ve structured the agenda into three different levels. These levels will cover your full EMS journey, from 1.) leveraging real-time data to 2.) gaining full process transparency, and lastly, 3.) driving intelligent actions based on your real-time insights. 

Think of this as a guided master-class series to data-driven business execution. For a full list of speakers and agendas specific to each World Tour stop, visit your regional event page

Level 1: Integrate data to drive execution, at the speed of your business

In Level 1, you’ll discover how the Celonis Execution Management System connects and gathers data in real-time, across all your operating systems and desktops, so you can understand how things are happening and when they actually happen. Find out how data can help you make informed decisions and take actions when it matters most, in the moment.

Product Session 1: Integrate data that matters for intelligent execution, at the speed of your business (All stops)
Alena Romahn, Data Scientist | Solution Engineering
Patrick Lechner
Wie BMW mit Celonis in weitere Geschäftsbereiche expandiert (DACH)
Dr. Patrick Lechner, Head of Process Mining and Automation
Christine Hawkins
HP’s Digital Transformation with Celonis: A Year In Review (North America 2)
Christine Hawkins, Director Digital and Process Transformation
Anshul Singh
Splunk's Plan for Process Excellence with Celonis (North America 2)
Anshul Singh, Sr. Director, Global Business Operations
Nikki Nagel
Celonis as ‘Mission Control’ for Mars Wrigley’s Deduction Management (North America 2)
Nikki Nagel, AR Transformation Lead
Mars Wrigley
Fernanda Laura Rocha de Sa Freire
How Kraft Heinz is Enabling a Global Rollout with Celonis (UK & Ireland)
Fernanda Laura Rocha de Sa Freire, Associate Director, GBS - Process Mining
Kraft Heinz
Alstom Ankita Saxena
Comment Alstom s'appuie sur Celonis pour améliorer ses processus opérationnels (France)
Ankita Saxena, Process Mining Manager | IS&T

Level 2: Gain full process visibility & recommend process improvements

In Level 2, you’ll discover how the Celonis EMS uses process mining to extract data from your underlying systems and create a real-time, end-to-end visualization of your enterprise processes, so you can get to the bottom of your bottlenecks. Learn how to create an impactful game plan by running simulations of optimization scenarios, and knowing with certainty that your actions will have the intended effect.

Samantha Yip
Product Session 2: Gain full process visibility & recommend process improvements (All stops)
Samantha Yip, Sr. Solution Engineer
Roundtable - Steve Bandrowczak - photo
Sustainability in the World of Printing with Xerox (North America 1)
Steve Bandrowczak, President & COO
Raja Kochar
An Industrial Company’s Journey to Digitizing its Processes (North America 2)
Raja Kochar, VP Transformation
Jack Kahler
Taking Process Mining From Point Solutions to Value Stream Transformation (North America 2)
Jack Kahler, Executive Director, Global Transformation
Ingram Micro
Charles Henry
Quand la simple atteinte des objectifs ne suffit pas pour Atos (France)
Charles-Henry Duroyon, Chief Operating Officer Unify Atos
Benoit Despres
Comment Celonis permet d'optimiser les processus bancaires au service des clients et une meilleure efficacité opérationnelle chez I-BP Banque Populaire (France)
Benoît Despres, Deputy Director Governance

Level 3: Drive actions and execution with timely data and intelligence

In Level 3, you’ll discover the power of Celonis Execution Apps across the Sell-Ship-Collect-Buy-Pay lifecycle. See first hand how they deliver on business outcomes by proactively providing insights and driving automated actions to optimally execute business processes. Explore the Celonis Studio and see how you can build apps, work with automation using Celonis Action Flows, and create interfaces for visual and daily management and custom workflows.

Patrick Lohmann - Celonis
Patrick Lohmann
Dr. Patrick Lohmann, Lead Solution Engineer
Jens Knoblauch
Erfolgreiche EMS-Einführung und Skalierung bei Linde plc (DACH)
Jens Knoblauch, Executive Director of Digital Business Services
Linde plc
Head of Business Development and Project Management
Lufthansa CityLine
Success with Celonis: Driving Organizational Change and Building a Center of Excellence (North America 1)
Philipp Grindemann, Director, Customer Transformation
Damian Hernando Terenzi
Brewing Process Excellence at AB InBev (Europe North)
AB InBev

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