FutureNaut Engineering Traineeship

Munich, Germany


About the FutureNaut Engineering Program

Our FutureNaut program is an 18-month, full-time, Munich-based rotational graduate program for those who want to start building up their software engineering profile. Trainees contribute to our product, the Execution Management System by applying technical skills on future-driven, hands-on projects. You will have the opportunity to work within 3 different software engineering departments and be paired with a mentor to help you build up your skills and practical knowledge of the software engineering world!

Fast facts:

  • Program start: September 2022

  • Unlimited, full-time employment contract with a competitive software engineering salary 

  • A mentor to help you grow professionally and personally 

  • Opportunity to contribute to our Cloud product and apply your technical skills 

  • Possibility to work abroad in one of our global offices



Starting in September 2022, you will be able to profit from an unlimited, stable full-time employment contract with an over-average engineering salary and stock options.


You will be able to work in 3 different engineering departments, with a program structure of 70% experience, 20% exposure, and 10% education.


You'll collaboratively work on different future-driven engineering projects and be able to contribute, and have your ideas heard.


Grow your personal and professional skills and get a mentor to help you navigate your learning and development along the way.


  • Completed studies in Computer Science or a comparable degree 

  • Curious to expand your coding and programming skills within a modern, cloud-based technology stack: Angular, Spring Boot, C++ 17, Kubernetes

  • Solid knowledge of data structures / algorithms

  • Experience with writing scalable, testable software

  • Team player who wants to collaboratively shape the future

  • Fluent in English

  • Basic knowledge about asynchronous / parallel programming

  • Work in a structured manner and quickly comprehend new interrelationships

Want to be a FutureNaut?

The application period for the traineeship is currently closed, but feel free to check out all open engineering jobs!

Application period

When’s the right time to apply?

  1. Autumn: Application period starts

  2. Late Spring: Application period ends

  3. September: Trainee program starts

The application period is closed for now, but feel free to reach out to Luisa Klatt for any questions: l.klatt@celonis.com


What makes the FutureNaut program special?

Through the rotational program, you have the opportunity to work in a wide range of engineering topics and apply your technical skills on future-driven engineering projects, before specializing in one area afterwards.

Talent Acquisition Partner | Munich

For whom is the program designed for?

For fresh graduates with computer science background, curious to expand their coding and programming skills within a modern, cloud-based technology stack and ideally have experience with writing scalable, reliable, and testable software.

Talent Acquisition Partner | Munich
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