Department: InfoSec


Our global information security organization is responsible for security and trust. We think security - offensively and defensively. We continuously monitor our global security posture and are always adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape. Celonis’ information security department has three core teams that work together to ensure the security of our product: Trust, Security Engineering & Security Operations.


The Trust team oversees and manages the information security program and enables the rest of the organization to work with InfoSec in a streamlined way. The team is responsible for Celonis’ security governance and compliance programs, IT Risk management and third-party risk.


The Security Operations team focuses on proactively detecting threats and risks to Celonis’ environment and responding to these expeditiously. Broken into six key pillars, the SecOps Team is responsible for Threat Detection, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Validation, Threat Hunting, and Defense initiatives.


The Security Engineering team is tasked with building security into and breaking “all the things” at Celonis. Our builders are software security engineers and platform security engineers, and our breakers include red teamers as well as offensive and application security engineers. We also partner with our product and engineering teams for security by design practices and assist with triaging and remediating technical security issues.

Job Openings

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