Forrester Finance Operations Webinar

Driving superfluid operations at JP Morgan Chase

What makes Celonis the #1 fit

Celonis enables the world’s most innovative companies to accelerate enterprise performance through improved process transparency and efficiency.

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Customer Expectation

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers expect a fast, secure and transparent banking experience.

With Celonis, streamline the customer journey for quick and smooth onboarding and transaction handling.

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Increase transparency

Status Quo: Increasing number of complex regulatory requirements.

Celonis allows for 100% transparency which enables an optimal steering, processing and monitoring of all regulatory relevant transactions.

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Optimize operations for agility & efficiency

Identification of automation potential is limited due to lack of process transparency especially across systems.

With Celonis, effectively realize and monitor strategic automation & RPA initiatives.

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JP Morgan Readouts

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How the World’s Leading Banks Leverage Process Mining to Streamline Operational Processes

Join Richard Sullivan and Will Konczynin of Celonis’ Finance Services Practice as they discuss how Celonis is helping the world’s largest Banking Institutions.


Demo - Mortgage Application Process

This video demonstrates a few key use cases for Celonis for financial institutions that have a mortgage application process. See how an analyst might discover root cause and impacts of rework and customer leakage in this process.

Celonis Resources

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