Let's play CELOpoly!

Master the most crucial challenges within your supply chain and realize how Celonis can help to drive tremendous value.

See how each of your decision has a direct impact on the process KPIs of cost, time and CO2 emissions.

Celopoly board game

Celonis powered real-time analysis

Use the Celonis Live Analysis to flexibly adopt your game strategy throughout the game and understand the biggest areas of improvement.

Benchmark yourself against other players.

Understand how your decisions are directly impacting your process performance.

Get your personalized CELOpoly value report

A personalized analysis is sent to you after the game and highlights how you have mastered process related risks. It provides insights to key improvement areas based on business execution gaps identified by Celonis.

Celopoly Value Report

Want to play CELOpoly yourself?

Get in touch with your Account / Partner Manager for further info!

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