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GE Healthcare at Celosphere

Industrie - Healthcare & Life Science (OR: Gesundheitswesen & Biowissenschaften) Process - Accounts Payable Region - USA
"Celonis helps us to prevent around 1000 incorrect or defective payments a week."

GE at Celosphere: Sustainable Processes in Accounts Payable

In their quest for sustainable cash excellence, GE Healthcare knew they needed to stabilize the process first and foremost. By leveraging Celonis, GE Healthcare was able to link together operational processes to see how they impact financial outcomes. Through lean principles, such as daily management, GE Healthcare drove process improvements across Accounts Payable that increased predictability, reduced cycle time, improved cash flow, and strengthened their supplier relationships. Join Cassie Bonneau and Sasha Shchupak, Operational Cash Managers from GE Healthcare, to learn how they’ve deployed Celonis process analytics on top of highly complex datasets to achieve a new level of efficiency and predictability in AP. This session will also touch on best practices for Celonis roll-out and adoption as well as high level takeaways from their initial process improvement work in Accounts Receivable.

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