The next breakthrough in business execution

Meet the Execution Management System


A new class of technology built to unlock capacity in your business

A system that liberates your business from artificial constraints


The Celonis EMS acts as an intelligent layer on top of your underlying business systems and removes process constraints. Customers using the Celonis EMS are constantly unlocking more capacity in their business.

Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results


saved in SAP migration costs



reduced time-to-market



improvement in asset utilization captured

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How the Celonis EMS works


Every component of the Celonis EMS is geared towards maximizing the execution capacity of your business.


Celonis Execution Instruments analyze your processes, find bottlenecks and identify the gaps between how things should be and how they really are.


Celonis Execution Applications provide best in class knowledge, actions and automations to systematically remove these execution gaps.


These Apps and Instruments are all powered by the Celonis EMS platform. The Celonis Studio allows third-party developers to create their own, contributing to a thriving ecosystem of solutions in the EMS store.

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Unlock execution capacity to achieve world-class results

The Celonis EMS helps you increase execution capacity in Customer Operations, Finance & Administration, Supply & Distribution, and Products & Services.

  • Connect to any underlying business system

  • Get a complete, real-time view of processes

  • Leverage a complete set of process improvement tools, including process mining, AI, and automation

  • Benchmark processes against industry standards and thousands of best-practice implementations

  • Identify execution gaps and maximize capacity to achieve breakthrough outcomes

celonis x uber

Uber discovered delays in Customer Service were affecting customer satisfaction. Maximizing their capacity to handle time improvements let them identify $20M in efficiency gains.

celonis x telekom

By identifying and eliminating duplicate payments and cash discount losses, Deutsche Telekom saved their Finance Department €66M.

celonis x l'oreal

By tackling credit and order blocks across their Supply Chain, L’Oreal increased touchless orders by 800%.

celonis x vodafone

In Products & Services, Vodafone increased their execution capacity, reducing time to market by 20% and cutting procurement process costs by 11%

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