Execution Management Everywhere

Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI

Enlighten Microsoft Power BI Reporting with process intelligence from the Celonis Execution Management System.

Celonis PowerBI Connector Microsoft 2B

Execution Management Everywhere

Timely process intelligence can change the game for an organization. Now you can bring the power of Celonis Execution Management directly into Microsoft Power BI to drive exponential value with the Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI.

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The Power of Celonis EMS through Microsoft Power BI

Extend the Value of Celonis

Reach and empower Microsoft Power BI users to better respond to emerging, mission-critical business moments with powerful intelligence from Celonis.

Seamless Experience

Boost efficiency and worker productivity by consolidating KPIs in Microsoft Power BI. Enhance developer productivity with a seamless and connected experience.

Differentiated Insights

Microsoft Power BI users benefit from Celonis’ Process Data Engine for fast process intelligence, value-quantification, and recommendations.

Celonis Apps for Microsoft Power BI

Why design your own Microsoft Power BI Dashboard when you don't have to? Drive the quickest time to value with prebuilt apps for Microsoft Power BI. Celonis Apps for Microsoft Power BI directly present the most valuable intelligence across five key areas: On Time Delivery, Touch-less Orders, Un-billed Orders, Rejected Orders, and Blocked Orders. Supercharge your team's BI productivity today!

Bluerprint of the Celonis Power BI Apps
Bluerprint of the Celonis Power BI Apps

How Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI works

Easy Accessibility

Download and install the Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI from the Celonis Marketplace.

Seamless Integration

Connect to a Celonis EMS Team from the Microsoft Power BI Desktop to reveal all published Celonis Knowledge Models.

Effortless Reporting

Retrieve records defined in a Knowledge Model to enlighten your reporting with powerful Celonis process intelligence through familiar Microsoft Power BI Visuals.

Highlight Reel: Execution Management Everywhere

See the highlights of this announcement, and what it means for millions of Microsoft users everywhere. Watch the 1-min video.

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Connect with a Celonis for Microsoft Power BI expert

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