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Introducing the Celonis Execution Graph

Through the process insights and data assembled over the last decade, Celonis has cracked the code on how to connect events, dependencies, and process relationships across multi-system environments. This breakthrough, called the Celonis Execution Graph, will give businesses, for the first time, insight into the true nature of their interconnected process ecosystem.

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A Breakthrough in Process Intelligence

One of the toughest challenges in business is to understand the complex connections between processes. Having a full picture of how processes influence each other across all systems, all departments, and ultimately all suppliers is the next evolution in execution management.

The Celonis Execution Graph is powered by two unique technology innovations:

  • Celonis Multi Event Log allows customers to identify and pinpoint friction points in one process that are caused by another process, by visualizing interconnected processes and conducting cross-process drill downs.
  • Celonis Signal Link, a new capability that allows companies to connect events from different processes, will enable unprecedented visibility into cross-organization processes.

The Execution Graph in action

Many organizations struggle to answer basic questions about the causes behind common issues — like a late delivery, for example. Was the problem caused by the order management process? The shipping or inventory process? Procurement or production? A combination of all of the above? The Execution Graph helps you answer these questions by providing a new level of insight into the way your processes interact with and impact one another.

Watch the demo video here to learn more.

Execution Graph demo screenshot

“We have seen very promising initial results in better visualizing our entire supply chain from using the new Celonis Signal Link capability. We’re extremely excited about the possibilities that the combination of Signal Link with other Celonis technologies in the new Execution Graph will enable for our business. This next level technology opens up exciting capabilities into dynamically driving a better process performance across our global operational networks.”

Heymen Jansen
VP Advanced Process Analytics
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