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Celonis Kafka Connector

Harness the value of your Apache Kafka streaming data in the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS). By having exactly the right information in real time, you can optimize your processes by taking exactly the right action, directly in Celonis.

Celonis Kafka Connector - screenshot

Get a truly complete picture of your processes in seconds

Benefit from more data sources

Stream data from sources outside of your source systems — from weather data to stock market data — for more comprehensive insights.

Get data in seconds not minutes

Update your definition of real-time. This is data that refreshes in seconds — not minutes, hours, or days.

Execute in the moment

Make data-driven decisions and take action on a change the moment it happens thanks to event-driven architecture.

How the Celonis Kafka Connector works


Plug into your Kafka infrastructure and ingest any data from Apache Kafka topics into the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)


Pull in any streaming data into the Celonis EMS. Celonis customers can now integrate streams of real-time, event-driven data into their process analysis


Drive execution with real-time data to support decision-making across all data architectures to eliminate process gaps and blind spots.

Bring streaming data from any Kafka into the EMS

Plug into your Kafka infrastructure to execute on real-time data from any system.

Lenses Kafka architecture graphic
Lenses Kafka architecture graphic

“We’re so excited for the possibility of streaming weather data and other sources into the EMS with the help of Lenses and the new Kafka connector, and to address new real-time use cases that otherwise would not be possible.”

Maximilian Hoffmann
Process Digitization Manager
Lufthansa CityLine
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