The Orbit Graduate Program: Sales Engineering

Experience the fascinating world at the intersection of sales, enterprise technology solutions, and consulting. Through our Orbit Graduate Program, you'll transform from an entry-level professional to a field-ready Sales Engineer, or what we like to call a Value Engineer, in less than two years. Kickstart your career with Celonis — join us in one of our hub locations in Raleigh (US), New York City (US), or Madrid (ES).

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Sales Engineer vs Value Engineer?

Firstly, your title won't be 'Sales Engineer.'

Why? It's because you're much more than that at Celonis.

You will own the title of an Associate Value Engineer - a core member of the team supporting the entire customer value lifecycle, from sales through value realization, renewal and expansion.

As an Orbiter, you’ll partner with the sales team and customers to create compelling solutions to critical business problems using the Celonis Process Mining Technology.

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Why the Celonis Orbit Program?


Equip yourself with skills and deep knowledge to become a successful Value Engineer, gain practical experience, and make contacts for your future.

In addition to developing your foundation as a Value Engineer, find inspiration, aspiration and guidance from mentors, coaches, and your peer network.


Work on today’s biggest business challenges. Advise our customers and provide solutions to their most critical business problems by leveraging the power of Celonis technology.

Get involved in day-to-day client work of the regional account teams and take on responsibility for tasks from day 1.


Join an international and diverse community of Orbiters in our Madrid, Raleigh, and New York City hubs.

Together, we’ll build a supportive, fun culture and help you unlock your professional potential.

Insights from Orbit Program Associates

Ashley Johnson

What’s your favorite part about the Orbit Program?

The people! Starting your career after college can be really hard, and the Orbit Program helps ease the transition because you are surrounded by individuals that are in the same phase of life as you. Everyone comes from such different educational backgrounds, so we all have unique skills, making us a great team. Everyone is willing to collaborate on projects and use their individual expertise to help you with any task when needed.

Ashley Johnson
Associate Value Engineer

What makes the Orbit Program special and different from other programs?

Being a Value Engineer at Celonis means choosing to be at the forefront of innovation, focusing on unlocking value for businesses. The Orbit Program offers the opportunity to take ownership of strategic projects that impact the company’s hyper-growth, while learning and collaborating with the wider Value Engineering organization. It is incredible to see the value derived from the assets we have developed in the past year, a true reflection of the motivation and talent of the team, matched with the holistic approach of the Center of Excellence!

Stefano Pizzoli
Value Engineer (former Orbit Program Associate)
Blanca Velasco

Why would you recommend others to start as a Value Engineer at Celonis?

The most enriching part of our role is the exposure we are submitted to on a daily basis. By working closely with clients from various industries, we gain valuable expertise in a rapidly growing field. And this personal growth is boosted by the Madrid hub, where you are able to work hand-in-hand with brilliant people.

Blanca Velasco
Associate Value Engineer
Tom Müller_EPH

What was the biggest benefit from the Value Engineering program so far?

  1. Being part of such an ambitious and talented team where people always help each other and at the same time pushing each other to the next level.
  2. Responsibility for your own clients from the very beginning and by that gaining tremendous experience early on.
Tom Müller
Value Engineer (former Orbit Program Associate)
Kayla Ciaravino

Why would you recommend others to start as a Value Engineer at Celonis?

Value Engineering (VE) at Celonis offers a unique opportunity to join a pioneer in the process mining space and quickly gain experience working with customers. Celonis continues to disrupt itself, enforcing its position as a market leader and creating an opportunity for new team members to grow and contribute. The biggest strength of the VE team at Celonis is the multidisciplinary, team approach to serving customers and improving the product. This is an ideal role for those that enjoy a challenge, are not afraid of change, and seek out both technical work and collaboration with others.

Kayla Ciaravino
Value Engineer
Robert Zinke_EPH

What three attributes would someone need to succeed in being a Value Engineer?

As a solution engineer you need to be able to understand the pain & needs of customers and prioritize them. Authenticity and analytical thinking will help you to uncover the underlying root causes. With some technical understanding you will be able to translate these insights into solutions to generate value for each customer.

Robert Zinke
Value Engineer (former Orbit Program Associate)
Elena Desiati_EPH

What three attributes would someone need to succeed in being a Value Engineer?

Being a Value Engineer means being the person on the front line that proves the real value of Celonis. You can succeed if you are:

  • Entrepreneurial: you are not scared by taking action and setting yourself new challenges.
  • Flexible: as solution engineer you will have many different responsibilities and tasks, from coding to selling.
  • Analytical: you will need to unleash the Celonis value.
Elena Desiati
Value Engineer

Why would you recommend others to start as a Value Engineer at Celonis?

Value Engineers at Celonis are uniquely placed at the intersection of technicality and business by the very nature of the platform - meaning that starting in the SE team is a great opportunity to develop skills in both domains. No two days are the same and you can go from discussing cash flow issues with a CFO one morning, to building a data model or running an IT infrastructure workshop in the afternoon. For people who love to learn fast and be challenged it’s an ideal place to get started in tech - and a strong springboard into a career in the industry.

Will Mason
Value Engineer (former Orbit Program Associate)
Haley Kissell

What has been your favorite part of the Orbit Program so far?

Throughout my time in the Orbit Program, I’ve been exposed to so many different aspects of the business that have allowed me to grow at an exponential rate. Working with individuals from different backgrounds throughout the CoE and my industry alignment has allowed me to create strong, ambitious goals to help push myself to the next level. The people, culture, atmosphere, and leadership truly sets the stage for success in this program and I can’t wait to see how the skills I learned during the last year help me continue to excel in my future career.

Haley Kissell
Associate Value Engineer

Your Orbit Journey

Stage 1: Onboard
Stage 1: Onboard

In the first few months, you will build up your Value Engineering foundation. You will learn about Celonis, become competent in our core product and process use cases, and work on your presentation, discovery, and value selling skills. All training and learning is hands-on and closely aligned with your regional Value Engineering team.

Stage 2: Align
Stage 2: Align

You will further apply your newly acquired skills in customer projects and gather experience working together with the entire account team, customers, prospects, and partners.

Stage 3: Launch
Stage 3: Launch

After 12 months, you’ll complete the program and have the opportunity to advance to the next level in your regional Value Engineering team. With the skills you’ve learned along the way, you’ll also be able to explore many other career opportunities in Product, Sales, Consulting, and more.

Who We're Looking For

Academic background: You have completed or are in the last year of your degree in engineering, business, computer science, or other related fields.

Work experience: You have gathered valuable work or internship experience.

Aspiration: You have an interest in data science, analytics, consulting, and sales and are willing to learn and take on responsibility starting Day 1.

Global mindset: You are eager to work in an international environment and have a desire to work abroad.


Selection Process


Video call with one of our recruiters. Learn more about the program and if it's the right fit for you.


Interview with a manager of the Orbit Program to understand your motivation and interest in process mining.


Complete a challenge exercise and interview with dedicated hiring managers, team leads, and/or team members.


Final interview with a member of the senior management team. A HiPeople Reference Check will take place.

Job Openings

Orbit Program FAQs

What format does the Orbit Program follow?

The Orbit Program is cohort-style, offering guided learning activities and hands-on project work. Participants, known as Orbiters, partner with field Value Engineering teams to not only learn, but scale the organization by owning and supporting sales opportunities and renewals.

Where are you hiring for the Orbit Program?

We hire Orbiters in our Madrid, Raleigh and New York City hubs, each individual aligned to a specific field or regional team.

Is there any travel involved for Orbiters?

Travel happens occasionally (usually < 1x per month) for Orbiters when going onsite to present to a customer.

What skills will I gain as an Orbiter?

We look to develop Orbiters across four key areas: soft skills (presentations, demonstrations, communication), technical skills (Celonis software, utilizing PQL and SQL), process knowledge (i.e. finance, supply chain, ITSM, etc.), and account management (value selling and realization).

What happens after I complete the Orbit Graduate Program?

The goal of the Orbit program is for Orbiters to “graduate” to the field Value Engineering team. Most individuals will graduate upon their year mark and will be transferred under their allocated field manager. In their second year after completing the program, graduated Orbiters become advisors to the new Orbiters.

How should I prepare for my Orbit Program interview?

Spend time researching Celonis and the product. There are great resources on our website regarding our solutions and the common processes we touch. Candidates who have gone above and beyond to speak to individuals at Celonis and read about us online tend to perform best in the interview process.

What are the characteristics of the most successful Orbiters?

Self-starter, data-driven, team-player, growth mindset

Do you have questions about the Orbit Graduate Program? Reach out to us!