Demo Series | Tuesday May 7th | 1pm AEST

See it With Celonis: Supply Chain Transformation

Discover how the Celonis Process Intelligence platform provides a common business language to connect your supply chain processes, helping you to find and capture value, fast. Sign up for our next live demo or replay past sessions.

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Goodbye project silos. Hello, resilient and agile supply chains.

The market is changing. Change itself is changing. To stay ahead, supply chain leaders need to see — and understand, and be able to optimize — all of the interconnected processes that make up their supply chains.

That’s where Celonis comes in. Using the power of Process Intelligence, it connects you to your processes, your teams to each other, and emerging technologies to your business. Use Process Intelligence to break down silos and optimize cash, cost, and service levels, all in a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing tech.

Join us on May 7th to learn :

  • How Process Intelligence connects your supply chain
  • How you can use pre-built or custom applications or based on your goals
  • How real-world customers have used Celonis to improve their supply chains
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