Face Value: virtual event | Tuesday, April 30 | 10am ET/4pm CET

Creating a common language for how the world really works with Vaclav Smil

The renowned expert on Energy & Technology joins Celonis live to discuss mastering the processes, seen and unseen, that shape our realities and futures.

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“The more people who read his books, the better.” – Bill Gates

Germany’s solar program. The Japanese diet. Wheat production in Kansas. Point Vaclav Smil at a topic and wait for his genius to spill out.

Named by Foreign Policy as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers, Vaclav Smil will join Celonis live on Tuesday, April 30th to discuss the processes that make the world work and the solutions to big issues that will lead to prosperity – not just survival.

Professor Smil is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. He is the author of over forty books on topics including energy, environmental and population change, food production and nutrition, technical innovation, risk assessment, and public policy. No other living scientist has had more books (on a wide variety of topics) reviewed in Nature.

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Vaclav Smil
Renowned Expert on Energy & Technology
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