Everest: Process Mining in Global Business Services

Everest Group Report

Process Mining in Global Business Services

Driving Operational Excellence through Intelligent Processes 

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Ready to step forward in your digital journey?

Process mining has a crucial role in transforming Shared Service Centers and Global Business Services (GBS), according to leading global research firm Everest Group.

In Process Mining in Global Business Services, Everest Group says process mining arms Shared Service Centers with a data-based approach to streamline and optimize processes in back-office functions. For GBS organizations, process mining enables them to take a step forward in their digital journeys and emerge as truly strategic enterprise-wide partners.

Learn how Shared Service Centers and GBS organizations can use process mining to:

  • Discover and analyze as-is processes and extract relevant business insights
  • Identify bottlenecks impacting process performance
  • Take recommended interventions to improve processes…and much more
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