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The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud

Meet the world's most powerful Process Mining technology. The Intelligent Business Cloud lets you visualize your business processes like never before, and transform them into extraordinary experiences for everyone. The future of process excellence is here.

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Turn Friction into Flow

When your processes run better, your business runs better. From Finance and Customer Service to Production and IT, the more fluid your operations are, the better the experience for your employees and customers.

But over time, friction creeps in: departmental silos, manual workarounds, and disparate systems cause costs to rise and experiences to suffer.

The Intelligent Business Cloud helps you pinpoint those sources of friction and purge them from your processes.

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How Does the Celonis IBC Work?

4 Steps to Frictionless Operations


Link the IBC to your ERP and other underlying source systems to get a real-life and real-time view into how your processes really run.

Connect cycle


Identify process deviations and the root causes, and opportunities for process improvement.

Discover cycle


Use AI-powered tools to take action on your data-driven insights, and optimize your processes for the desired business outcome.

Enhance cycle


Measure the impact of your process optimization strategies, and mobilize your employees to work collaboratively in ensuring ongoing success.

Monitor cycle
Connect cycle


Link to process data in your underlying source systems to understand your operations like never before.

Screenshot - Connectors

Business Event Collection

Event Collection securely gathers time-stamped event logs from operational systems across your entire digital footprint. Use pre-built connectors to link massive amounts of data from virtually any system, including your ERP, CRM, Accounting Software, and more.

Screenshot - Task Mining

User Interaction Data Collection

User Interaction Data Collection, or Task Mining, aggregates data from employee desktop tasks and turning them into understandable behavioral patterns. Gain a complete picture of the process by seeing how employeesโ€™ actions โ€” on data entry screens, in email, spreadsheets, websites, and other tools โ€” affect process outcomes.


Visualize and explore your processes in real time, uncover points of friction and pinpoint their root causes.

Process Discovery - screenshot

Process Discovery

Process Discovery creates an objective, interactive visualization of your processes that makes it easy to explore and gain valuable insights. It puts a new level of process transparency at your fingertips.

Screenshot - Process Analytics

Process Analytics

Process Analytics gives you the tools to perform root cause analysis on points of process friction. Understand which process deviations have the biggest impact on business outcomes, and plan the fastest and most effective ways of removing them.


Turn process insights into improvements that drive real outcomes. Remove friction proactively by automating tasks and workflows. Send predictive signals to mobilize everyone involved in the process to work smarter.

Screenshot - Action Engine

Action Engine

Action Engine works alongside your teams to achieve operational flow, by providing AI-powered next-best-action recommendations at each step in the process. Set up actions that automatically send signals to employees and update data in underlying systems.

Screenshot - Machine Learning Workbench - data sets

Machine Learning Workbench

Machine Learning Workbench, built with Jupyter notebooks, directly integrates Python predictive models into the Celonis platform. Dive deeper than ever into process data by combining complex process models with cutting-edge machine learning. Uncover patterns and deep root causes across process data from millions of cases and disparate systems.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Workflow Builder

Process Automation

Process Automation lets you automate manual steps across systems with a drag-and-drop workflow creator. Use conditional business logic and pre-built integrations to major source systems (such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce), and major productivity apps (such as Outlook, Excel, and Slack).


Track the impact of your process improvements over time. Ensure process conformance, benchmark continuously, and rally your employees, teams, and departments to make progress against process KPIs.

Screenshot - Transformation Center

Transformation Center

Transformation Center is a one-stop shop for process monitoring. Set up your KPIs and desired business outcomes, and mobilize everyone involved in the process to track and measure their contributions toward those goals.

Business App Store

The Celonis App Store gives you access to pre-built business apps based on 2000+ implementations, in dozens of industries, across every major operational source system. Each app packages up analyses, KPIs, and Action Engine skills โ€“ so you can get up and running on Celonis faster than ever before.

Screenshot - App Store

Get Started with Process Mining

Sign up for a Celonis Snap account to get started with process mining in minutes, for free, with no installation required.

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