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Reckitt x Celonis: Unlocking value through the power of process mining

Discover how the integration of an Operational Excellence Center (CoE) propelled digital transformation at Reckitt, optimizing and automating over 40 processes internationally, while reducing waste and unlocking millions in value.

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Being one of the top players in the consumer goods space, operations in almost all countries in the world and 3 global business units, Reckitt has been unlocking potential through the power of automation and process mining. The company initiated transformative changes with Celonis a few years ago, starting with the optimisation of “Accounts Payable”.

Today, this overhaul extended across more than 40 processes spanning five business functions, laying the foundations for an ambitious collaboration aimed at uncovering ever more inefficiencies and hidden value in processes.

Join the webinar to find out how Reckitt uses process visualization as a way to find efficiencies and overcomes elements of instability and volatility, such as inflation and supply chain complexity and uncertainty.


  • Presentation & demo
  • Live Q&A

Presenter: Michael Gledhill, Senior Value Engineer, Celonis

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