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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Optimizing DSO

Join us in this edition of the Lunch & Learn bi-monthly webinars, where we will go through DSO optimization and how hidden value opportunities in core processes can drive QoQ cash impact.

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On this edition of Lunch & Learn

Ensuring strong cash flow is vital to an organization’s long-term financial health.

In Accounts Receivable that means capturing value opportunities in the billing and collections processes, and prioritizing collector efforts more intelligently.

Watch this edition of Lunch & Learn on-demand to learn how to:

  • Achieve quick cash flow wins in AR, while working toward your longer-term transformation goals
  • Streamline and intelligently prioritize collections based on data-driven insights
  • Take advantage of our past customer success to find and capture value in your processes

We explain to you the above in more detail during the session, including a demo and the recording of our live Q&A.


  • 20 min presentation + demo
  • 15 min live Q&A

Watch it now!

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