On Demand Celonis + McKinsey & Company Webinar

Securing Market Advantage through Data Transparency and Expert Insights

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Join Celonis + McKinsey experts

In banking and insurance battlelines are drawn over customer retention and acquisition. Legacy banks are pitted against digital attackers. One deciding factor of who wins and who loses is the quality and efficiency of the customer experience.

In this webinar Celonis and McKinsey & Company experts will discuss a recent client engagement where Celonis’ powerful process mining technology combined with McKinsey & Company’s expert insights identified the potential for advancing a bank’s new customer conversion rate by more than 50%.

Featured speakers include:
Zeno Schneider, Digital Consulting Manager, Celonis
Martin Seefelder, Automation Expert, McKinsey & Company


Zeno Schneider
Zeno Schneider
Digital Consulting Manager
Martin Seefelder
Martin Seefelder
Automation Expert
McKinsey & Company
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