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Improve Financial Performance and Customer Success with Celonis

Celonis @ Metso

What is Celonis?

Celonis can help you deliver long-term Financial Performance and improve company competitiveness by enhancing the long-term cost structure.

Moreover, Celonis will help you monitor performance across every tier of your customer journey. And by optimizing each step of your customer journey, you can build trust, achieve greater competitiveness, and improve customer satisfaction.

How it works:

  1. Measures execution capacity in real time, identifying execution gaps

  2. Identifies the best course of action to close those gaps

  3. Takes automatic, intelligent action to immediately remove them

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Celonis can help Metso truly improve Financial Performance and Customer Satisfaction.

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Improve Productivity in Order Management

  • Improve productivity in your processes by detecting unnecessary manual steps

  • Make informed, data driven decisions based on the actual impact of inefficiencies

  • Automate actions and data updates through near real time process insights

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Improve Supplier Reliability

  • Improve inventory turnover rate by analyzing the end2end supply chain process

  • Track material flows from supplier to end customers

  • Keep Material managers informed of the deviations and trigger automatic updates to planning and purchasing systems

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Siemens Resilient Supply Chain

  • Celonis Customer - Siemens presenting their Resilient Supply Chain

  • Visualize process complexities, identify process inefficiencies and support operational improvements

  • Reduce rework and variants

  • Increase automation rate for creating for creating purchase requisitions and purchase orders

  • Decrease average supplier lead time on purchase materials.

Get introduced to your Account Director Kimmo Laasonen

If you have any questions or if you are looking for any additional information, please reach out to Kimmo Laasonen directly via Email: or phone +358 50 56 88 141.

Kimmo Laasonen
Kimmo Laasonen
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