The NEW Celonis Partner Enablement Program

Helping you go further, faster

It’s here!

On May 25th we launched the NEW Partner Enablement Program. Almost a year in the making, we designed this program based on extensive evaluation and engagement – listening to over 50 Partners from across our Ecosystem and the Celonauts who work closely with them. 

You can now take advantage of:

  • Flexible, bite-sized, modular training tracks

  • Learning journeys based on PARTNER roles (rather than Celonis roles)

  • Content promoting the full EMS Value proposition

  • An efficient recertification process that keeps partners and their credentials up-to-date without partners having to make a heavy time investment 

In short: the new Partner Enablement Program gets you ready to accelerate value for your customers quicker - helping you go further, faster

So what happened on Launch Day?

On May 25th, we released:

  • An amazing new Enablement program! The new Level 2 Engagement Fundamentals training tracks, new Level 3 Goal-Based training tracks and Certification Exams and the new C4C Fast Track are now live and ready for you to dive into!
  • A new Academy homepage - the new layout allows you to seamlessly find what you’re looking for from the new program.
  • New Certified badges! If you successfully completed a 2021/2022 Certification from the old program by May 20th, your old badge has expired and you should have received Certified badges from the new program. Check your inbox for emails from ourselves and our digital badge provider, Credly giving you the option to add these new badges to your collection.

Questions? Get answers!


I was planning to complete a specific training track from the old program. What should I do now? What’s the equivalent training that I should complete?

You can see the list of new training tracks that correspond to each of the old training tracks below. However, please note: the purpose of the new modularized training track structure is that you can freely choose which training you complete to achieve your goals on your projects, without needing to learn additional topics. If you were previously working towards one of the old training tracks, we therefore strongly recommend that you review the whole new track offering and select the tracks that match the goals and tasks you are responsible for executing in Celonis projects. Don’t simply complete the list of new tracks that corresponds to your old track unless this actually matches your learning needs.

App Creator
Solution Creation Fundamentals
Get Data into the EMS
Build Views and Knowledge Models
Build Action Flows

Business Value Architect
Project Delivery Fundamentals
Review and Interpret Analyses
Build Analyses – Basics
Build Analyses – Advanced
Build Action Flows
Deliver Business Value with Celonis
Manage Change and Scale Adoption

Sales Professional
Go-To-Market Fundamentals
Identify and Drive Opportunities
Prove Celonis Value
Create and Deliver Demos

Solution Professional
Go-To-Market Fundamentals
Review and Interpret Analyses
Prove Celonis Value
Create and Deliver Demos
Build Analyses – Basics
Build Analyses – Advanced
Build Action Flows
Get Data into the EMS

Implementation Professional
Project Delivery Fundamentals
Review and Interpret Analyses
Build Analyses – Basics
Build Analyses – Advanced
Build Action Flows
Get Data into the EMS
Build Views and Knowledge Models
Manage Implementation Projects

I was working on or had completed a Certification in the old enablement program- what happened to it?

All 2021/2022 Certifications in App Creator, Business Value Architect, Sales Professional, Solution Professional or Implementation Professional were migrated. This means we issued you with equivalent Certifications from the new program to replace your original 2021/2022 one. If you completed a 2020/2021 Certification, these were not migrated since they were no longer valid. Similarly, if you were in progress on a certification but had not completed it, it was not migrated. We recommend you take a look at the new certifications we offer and complete one of these. The Enablement Journey Planner is a great place to start if you’re wondering what training is relevant for you.

New Training Tracks

When should I complete Level 2 training(s)?

After completing your Welcome Kit, we strongly recommend completing the Level 2 Engagement Fundamentals track(s) for the performance area(s) you are interested in. They provide inspiring success stories, critical insights and context for all Celonis partners. These are relevant to both managers and hands-on project resources.

Do I have to complete all three Level 2 Engagement Fundamentals training tracks?

No. Only complete the training track(s) for the engagement area(s) you are interested in.

Should I complete Level 3 training(s)?

It depends. If you will be working hands-on on Celonis projects, yes - you should complete the Level 3 Goal-Based training tracks that match the goals you will be responsible for. You should complete the relevant Level 2 Engagement Fundamentals track first to give you all the context you need before embarking on your goal-based training.

If you won’t work hands-on on projects - for example, if you are a managing director - the Level 2 Engagement Fundamentals tracks should be sufficient for your purposes.

How can I become an Expert?

Expert badges are designed to inspire and reward Celonis super-users. These are individuals who are responsible for many goals within their projects and have therefore completed all the training and Certifications needed to be able to work self-sufficiently in their chosen aspect of their projects. Check out the Expert badge section of our Partner Training Overview to see what’s required to become a Celonis Expert.

We always love to see more Celonis Experts, but we don’t require you to complete more training and certifications than you need - so only complete the goal-based training tracks and Certifications that relate to the goals you will personally be responsible for on your projects.

The exception is that we ask partner organizations to complete and maintain a minimum of 6 Expert badges (at least 1x Value Assessment, 1x Value Realization and 1x EMS Technical Expert) in order to be a Celonis Certified partner.

What’s the difference between Certified Badges and Expert Badges?

Certified badges are digital badges that we award to those who’ve successfully completed the Certification Exam for their chosen topic. Each Level 3 Goal-Based training track has a corresponding Certification Exam and Certified badge which is awarded upon its completion.

Expert badges are digital badges that we award to the super-users who’ve earned several Certified badges in specific topic areas. For example, if you have earned Certified badges for our Identify & Drive Opportunities, Prove Celonis Value and Create & Deliver Demos topic areas, you will earn the Value Assessment Expert badge. Once you’ve earned those three Certified badges, there’s no additional content or exams you need to complete to get your Value Assessment Expert badge - it’s automatically awarded to you.

Should I sign up for MasterClass? If so, when?

MasterClass is our blended learning program where you will work on real-world case study projects and gain invaluable insights and experience from our Celonaut coaches. It’s game-changing but intensive. The MasterClass streams are designed for learners who have already gained theoretical knowledge through our online trainings and Certifications (Register here - make sure you are signed into the Academy platform to access).

To attend the MasterClass, you must now achieve the following Expert badges as a prerequisite:

  • Pre-sales Stream team: 2 x Value Assessment Expert
  • Post-sales Stream team: 1 x Value Realization Expert; 1 x EMS Technical Expert

How can I find out/decide which tracks will be best for me/my team?

Check out our Enablement Journey Planner to discover your own bespoke learning journey. The tool will ask you a series of questions. Based on your answers, it will recommend the relevant tracks to suit your purposes.

We also recommend checking out our Partner Training Overview where you can find out key information about each training track to help you decide what’s relevant for you.

Is content available in languages other than English?

Yes! We are working on translating our training content into your language. We already have 3 full training tracks translated into German, French, Spanish and Japanese. Our beginner Celonis Kickstarter course is already available in these 4 languages plus Portuguese as well! With plenty more to come - you can keep track of our progress and upcoming plans here.

New Certification Exams

How much do Certification Exams cost in the new program?

In the new program, Certification Exams cost $150 USD per exam. Bundles are available and any level-based vouchers that your organization has continue to apply.

Is there a Certification Exam for each level 3 goal-based track?

Yes, every goal-based training track has a dedicated Certification - and a Certification Exam which you must complete in order to attain this Certification. The only exception is the Review and Interpret Analyses track.

Why is there no exam for the Review and Interpret Analyses track?

Review and Interpret Analyses is a foundational goal-based training track and a prerequisite to several other goal-based training tracks (Build Analyses, Deliver Business Value With Celonis, Prove Celonis Value). Naturally, the skills and knowledge gained through this track will be tested within these other goal-based training tracks (Build Analyses etc.). Therefore, there is no Certification or Certification Exam for this goal.

Is there a Certification Exam for the Celonis for Consulting Fast Track Training Track?

The Celonis for Consulting Fast Track does not have a dedicated Certification Exam.

What is the new entry requirement to be a certified partner?

To hold Celonis certified partner status, you must hold at minimum 6 Expert badges within your organization, including at least 1 Value Assessment Expert, 1 EMS Technical Expert and 1 Value Realization Expert. One person can hold multiple Expert badges and each one will still count individually towards your total.

What will happen to my current certification(s)?

If you currently hold completed 2021/2022 Certifications, you are entitled to. If you currently hold completed 2021/2022 Certifications, you are entitled to automatically receive new Certifications from the new program on May 25th. Check out our Certification Migration Guide to find out which new Certifications you will receive!

Please note that old certifications (the 2020/2021 series or earlier) are not eligible for the Certification migration.

I haven’t claimed the digital badge for my Certification - is this important?

Yes, we highly recommend that you claim all your digital badges as this is the basis on which we manage Certificate renewals, Expert badge issuances and other achievement admin.

If you’re not sure what digital badges are or how to claim them, check out our intro video and our badge provider’s FAQs.

What are Delta Exams?

Delta Exams are the new way to recertify at Celonis. Delta Exams are shorter than Certification Exams and they only test you on the new content that has appeared since you last certified, rather than the full scope of content that appears in a goal-based training track. This way, we keep your Celonis knowledge and expertise up-to-date without requiring unnecessary time investment from you. When your Certification expiry date is approaching, we’ll email you to let you know if there’s a Delta Exam which you’ll need to complete to renew your Certification. The Certificate Renewal Subscription (see below), which you must purchase in order to renew your Certifications, gives you access to the Delta Exams.

What’s the difference between Certification Exams and Delta Exams?

Certification Exams are the initial exams you must complete to first earn your Certifications in your chosen goal-based training tracks. These exams test you on all the content included in the corresponding goal-based training track (except courses that are marked ‘optional’ or ‘elective’). Once you have completed a Certification Exam, you will receive the relevant Certified digital badge which is valid for one year.

Delta Exams are required when you wish to renew your Certified badge after its expiry. These exams only test you on the content that has been significantly updated or added to your Certification’s goal-based training track since you earned your Certification. If there is no new content since you first completed your Certification, you won’t need to complete a Delta Exam in order to renew your Certified badge.

Recertification Process

What is the Certificate Renewal Subscription?

The Certificate Renewal Subscription is an annual subscription which is paid per individual learner. It enables you to renew your Certified badges once they expire, and gives you access to any Delta Exams required to do so. When your Certification expires, you will be prompted to purchase this subscription and will then receive your renewed Certified badge (if there are no Delta Exams to complete). If there is a Delta Exam to complete, this subscription gives you access to complete it and receive your renewed Certified badge.

I have multiple Celonis Certifications - will I need to pay the Certificate Renewal Subscription multiple times?

No, you (an individual partner learner) can only purchase the subscription once per year. This entitles you to renewed digital badges for all your Celonis Certifications, assuming you have also completed any required Delta Exams.

Will I have to recertify again after the new program launches?

To give you a smooth transition between the old program and the new program, we will not ask you to recertify before November 23rd 2022. In practice, this means that the Certified badges which we issued on May 25th have an expiry date of November 23rd 2023 or later. So if you completed your Solution Professional exam on, for example, 10th July 2021, the expiry of your new Certified badges will be extended to November 23rd 2022.

__We encourage you to use the time after Launch May 25, 2022 to extend your skill-set by completing additional trainings/certifications and even become the next Celonis Expert! __

What type of bundles will we offer in the new program for exam purchasing?

We offer 2 different types of exam bundles - Volume-based bundles and Expert-based bundles.

Volume-based bundles can be purchased via your Partner Manager and you can choose from 3 different-sized bundles which offer you an increasing discount accordingly. Expert-based bundles are purchasable directly through the Academy platform. These bundles allow you to buy all the individual Certification Exams you’ll need to earn your chosen Expert badge in one purchase. They incorporate a 15% discount compared to purchasing them individually.

__Any vouchers your organization currently holds will be applicable to the Certification Exams in the new program. __

I still have vouchers that I won’t use up before the new program launch. Will I be able to use them in the new program?

Yes, any exam vouchers you currently hold will be valid for the Certification Exams in the new program.

Can I use my vouchers for the Certificate Renewal Subscription?

No, it’s not possible to use your vouchers on the Certificate Renewal Subscription.

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