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Lunch & Learn: Putting Object-Centric Process Mining to Work

Join us to explore the capabilities of object centric process mining for your business.

Lunch & Learn - Putting Object-Centric Process Mining to Work hero

Better visualise complex business operations

Finding opportunities for performance improvement in your business is a data game.

What is Object Centric Process Mining (OCPM)?
OCPM takes this to the next level - making it faster and easier than ever before to get insights at the interconnections of your business processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reach new levels of business performance at the top, bottom and green lines
  • View all business activities from any perspective using a single source of truth
  • Discover novel and valuable opportunities that live at the intersection points of processes and departments

Learn how to put the power of object-centric process mining to work across your business with the full range of Celonis’ capabilities.

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Dave Husband
Dave Husband
Value Engineer
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