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Pipe Gaps
Spot Pipe Gaps Early
Get an early understanding if current pipeline supports future targets and prioritize pipeline generation accordingly.
Close rates
Increase Close Rates
Leverage the Celonis Quality Index to identify activities that increase close rates and enforce those best practices on your team.
Reduce discounting
Reduce Discounting
Spot early indicators when opportunity amounts are decreased over time and preemptively address those issues in the sales cycle.
Stuck Deals
Release Stuck Deals
Understand and remove key bottlenecks in your sales process that slow down deal progression.
Right resources
Prioritize the Right Resources
Leverage the Celonis Quality Index to understand win probabilities of deals and prioritize resources accordingly.
Win Opps
Reduce Born to Win Opportunities
Born to win opportunities affect forecast accuracy and the business plan. Identify the source of born to win opportunities and take action to reduce their occurrence.
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