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Emporix for Commerce Execution

The Emporix Commerce Execution Platform enables companies to dynamically automate and orchestrate front office B2B processes on real-time end-to-end process intelligence.

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B2B commerce has stayed mostly the same for over 20 years, unable to tackle the great disconnect between the front and the back offiice

Without process-context-aware intelligence, B2B Portals are little more than a narrow window into limited ERP information. They're riddled with hidden inefficiencies that impact both sales and fulfillment processes.

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Siloed & Non contextual

Commerce systems are not built to identify, on-the-fly, hidden inefficiencies like outdated prices or unavailable stock and are not built to analyze customers’ behavior patterns at the process level

Need for data driven intelligence.


Built for transacting and optimizing purely based on front-office behavioral data points -  preventing companies from optimizing interactions based on frequent process intelligence.

Need for flexibility to adjust to real-time changes.

Reactive Interaction

They are unable to dynamically orchestrate the customer interactions at every stage based on signals coming from the end to end process learnings.

Need to intelligently drive better outcomes for customers.

Redefining B2B commerce with Emporix Commerce Execution Platform

E2E Holistic Process Context Awareness

Provided by Celonis EMS

It continuously monitors key business metrics based on real-time data and signals providing  Process Context.

Flexible customer interactions without coding

Provided by Emporix Triggers an almost instantaneous response to events defined by business rules, facilitates approvals of proposed optimizations.

Better Outcomes by removing process siloes

Unlocked by CXP Automatically deploys changes to the underlying processes and the user interface when the customer is interacting with the commerce environment simultaneously.

Enabling smarter and more efficient operations


Protect and expand revenue by setting various business rules to ensure correct pricing and promotions, manage payments, recommend optimal substitutes and intelligently handle shipments and returns.


Enable faster processing through smart business logic to automate manual tasks & orchestrate between siloed systems, eliminating technical development effort and improving employee experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver better customer interactions by streamlining actions, automating proactive communications and enabling full transparency of order status and customized intelligence such as inventory levels and credit limits.


Boost brand and meet regulatory standards through waste and emissions reduction, by minimizing returns and improving inventory excessive turnover.


Introducing the future of Commerce Execution

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