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Find, Frame, Fix Hidden Risk with the Connected IRM Solution

Risk lives everywhere. It could be vendor risk from poor delivery performance. Supply chain disruptions from material shortfalls. Financial losses from fraud. Missed sustainability targets. 

Enterprises can only manage what they can see. Most programs don’t reduce risk. That’s why we created Connected IRM with ServiceNow. 


From reactive risk management to proactive risk mitigation

Traditional risk management programs do not work effectively because they lack visibility into enterprise systems and processes, and they rely on manual ‘point-in-time’ controls testing.

Connected IRM is not your traditional program. Leverage Celonis to find risk across enterprise systems and frame the impact. Connect Celonis to ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) to fix the exposure. Together, our Connected IRM solution delivers real-time and continuous control monitoring across the enterprise.


Real-time, continuous control monitoring everywhere

Control monitoring

Easily connect to all enterprise systems and automatically collect indicator data to monitor controls

Process visibility & conformance

Gain transparency into every process transaction across departments and systems – no violation goes unchecked

Find, frame, fix violations quickly

Using our Connected Integrated Risk Management solution, you can bring data from everywhere to instantly detect risk events and fix violations 

The new risk management system

Control Monitoring

Increase quality controls with automated evidence collection

Control Monitoring
Process Explorer

Reduce cost by streamlining control testing

Process Explorer
Now Issue

Mitigate risk by detecting irregularities

Now Issue

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