Alex meets Bill

ServiceNow meet Celonis.
Celonis meet ServiceNow.

Work flows best with ServiceNow and Celonis.

Celonis helps companies reveal and fix the inefficiencies they cannot see. 

Our partnership lit up the industry in October. Now it is time to execute together to bring the best of the best of our technology and expertise to help our customers execute and perform at the highest possible levels. 

Before we look forward, let’s all take one look back. Our partnership set a high bar of expectations and enthusiasm for our work together. 

Press, analysts and customers all jumped in and voted with their headlines about the potential of this unique pairing. Now is the time for our companies to meet this moment and help our customers reach new levels of performance using the best of our workflow and process execution capabilities.

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What’s in it for you?

Broaden your network

Celonis engages with business leaders in finance, operations and other domains, opening new doors beyond the CIO office.

Easier to lead with Value

Celonis gets as close as possible to the operational layer of customers, helping you to expand your business value discussion.

Fast path to retire Quota

Celonis is an enterprise play. Think 6 figures and above. So, not only can you sell your NOW solution in a differentiated way, but you will retire significant amounts of your quota, faster.

Our CEOs are all in.

Bill McDermott

ServiceNow and Celonis are joining forces to help companies liberate business from decades-long process bottlenecks, integration challenges, and workforce frustration. The workflow revolution has arrived, and we are leading this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make work better for everyone.

Bill McDermott
Alex Rinke headshot

This partnership with ServiceNow, the gold standard for digital workflow globally, underscores just how significantly data is revolutionizing enterprise software. We are building Celonis to be the most innovative and trusted partner to every leader, team, and organization utilizing data execution to transform and strengthen their business.

Alexander Rinke
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Bill and Alex unveil our partnership, at the Celonis World Tour

If you have not seen our kickoff video, check this out. Bill and Alex launched our partnership to more than 15,000 people at the Celonis World Tour 21. And this was just the starting point.

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Seeing is Believing:  
Watch the ServiceNow + Celonis Demo.

ServiceNow SKO Demo

A gift for the ServiceNow sales team.

A Forrester Research survey reveals process mining is likely to gain adoption.

A gift for the ServiceNow sales team.

We’re giving fifty ServiceNow sales people a gift. It’s not a Tesla. But it’s not a branded water bottle either. All you have to do is say hello, and let us help you learn everything you need to know about this partnership. Drop in your details. If you’re one of the first fifty, you get the gift. Come on, don’t be the fifty-first. 

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Who is Celonis?

We will provide all you need to know about Celonis in our enablement and training.

However, if you need to explain us in less than 10 seconds, this is what we tell people. 

Celonis reveals and fixes the inefficiencies you can’t see. 

This is important because the world has moved from operating on a handful of systems, to running their processes over hundreds of systems. These systems don’t play nice together. 

This leaves a lot of room for inefficiency to hide. 

These process inefficiencies are the silent killers to performance. They hurt your business and they hurt our planet even more. 

Celonis provides a system of performance that removes these process inefficiencies. And this helps companies perform at levels they never thought possible.

Celonis Fast Facts


Growth YoY


Annual Recurring Revenue




RFP Winning Streak


“From a market share perspective, Celonis is dominating.”


“Celonis is in the business of understanding business processes and to make them run better.”

Web Logos Customers 1920x1080

2,500+ Customer Deployments


Market Leader by all industry analysts

The Celonis Difference.

Provide a 360 view of your clients' processes.

Uncover process inefficiencies, their root causes and impact.

Unlock new levels of business performance.

Unlock measurable business performance - fast.

A Different Partnership For a New World.

Organizations across the world have radically accelerated the way they run digitally. Transforming every department from finance, HR and IT, to customer service and supply chains. But something isn’t working. We’ve heard Bill say it time and time again - the reality is, 70% of transformations fail. And in the past three years, 3 trillion dollars has been invested into digital transformation, but only one 1 in 5 companies are seeing the ROI. 

ServiceNow and Celonis will fix this once and for all. Helping companies thrive in the new world of work. Together, we’ll make work, work better for people.


Please contact:

Rob Popovic

Global lead, ServiceNow Go-To-Market

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