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Don't just deliver processes. Deliver outcomes.

A new class of technology has come to Business Process Outsourcing. BPO providers are expected to deliver more transparent, data-driven, and outcome-based business processes for your clients. With the Celonis platform, you can gain an unprecedented advantage by maximizing the performance of the processes you provide.


A new world for BPO providers

Today, companies in every industry face constant pressure to streamline operations and cut costs, while also having to drive growth and fundamentally transform for the digital world. As critical partners in helping companies increase efficiency and optimize resources, Business Process Outsourcing firms (BPOs) are being asked to step up and reimagine their models and services to meet these needs.

At Celonis, we're working with some of the world's largest BPOs to empower process transformation like never before.

Screenshot - Celonis Business Process Outsourcing
Screenshot - Celonis Business Process Outsourcing

What’s holding BPOs back?

Some BPOs have begun to rise to the challenge, increasing the breadth and depth of their services, and innovating beyond “non-core” and “back-office” functions. Analysts currently value the BPO industry at more than US$175 billion. But BPO providers still face tremendous pressure, with slow growth rates, shrinking margins, unpredictable ROI, and old-school approaches to process discovery and mapping — with most initial assessments still taking 3 to 8 weeks.


The Forces Shaping the BPO Industry Today

Three critical factors are driving a wave of change in Business Process Outsourcing.

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Growing client needs & expectations

BPO clients are more focused than ever on working in a data-driven way. They’re demanding real-time data and ongoing improvements in the processes that they trust BPOs to execute. Clients aren’t just looking to cut costs anymore; they want BPOs to guarantee business outcomes. And they’re using tools like process mining to connect the impact of back-end process issues to the front-end customer experience, so expectations are higher than ever.

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The rise of automation & AI

Outsourcing a process is no longer the only way to reduce associated costs. Manual processes can now be offloaded to robots, which can cost 25% or less of the cost of a full-time outsourced employee. For BPOs, technologies like RPA represent a massive threat and a massive opportunity.

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Mandate for innovation & diversification

Together, these forces are driving a growing need for innovation and diversification in BPO business models. There are opportunities for new industry service lines, agile digital services, outcome-based models, and bundled solutions that combine cutting-edge automation with traditional outsourcing.

Celonis BPO Value Models

We’ve identified 5 models to help BPO providers harness the power of Celonis to transform their services.

Digital BPO Transformation

Leverage best-in-class benchmarks from 2000+ global deployments of Celonis technology and our asset base of best practices and learnings to improve SLAs and KPIs across every BPO process. Accelerate digital transformation efforts and outcomes for end customers.

BPO Renewals

Modify services during renewal periods to fit evolving client needs using process benchmarking and KPI targeting. Rapidly define "as-is" and "to-be" processes to identify where services can be modified to achieve objectives.

EBITDA Optimization

Celonis implementation accelerates business impact and connects processes to target-based outcomes, which can help reduce costs per transaction by 10 to 20% for global BPO providers and shared services organizations. Celonis integration has helped major BPO providers maximize the capacity of processes to deliver more cost-out, by pinpointing and eliminating inefficiencies, uncovering opportunities, and improving operational SLAs.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to emerge as a critical tool in digital transformation initiatives, but leading BPOs know that RPA must be deployed as a component of a holistic transformation strategy. Celonis empowers BPOs to implement RPA in a smarter way, with tools for identifying candidates for automation, measuring automation rates across processes, and monitoring the value of automation.


Drive Rebadging success across Project Management, Staff Transfer, and Knowledge Management. Pinpoint process silos, process variations, and other deviations. Identify critical resources and document tribal processes digitally. Accelerate Rebadging in a variety of lift-and-shift and transformation scenarios.

Digitize Transition

During the transition lifecycle, BPO providers spend 6-10 weeks on process discovery and due diligence, in order to ensure a successful "lift-and-shift" of client operations across geographics and processes. With Celonis, you can reduce transition timelines and effort by 20-35%, by automatically documenting "as-is" and "to-be" processes and digitizing the transition lifecycle end-to-end from planning to knowledge transfer to go-live.

Celonis gives you an edge in today's commercial models

Changing Commercial Models BPO
Process Optimization & Productivity
Resources Spent on Digital Transition

How Does Celonis EMS Work?

3 Steps to Maximizing Execution Capacity

The Celonis EMS leverages Process Mining technology to extract data in real-time from source systems and measure capacity. It identifies and visualizes the execution gaps limiting the execution capacity of your processes.


Know the right course of action to close gaps. Based on machine learning and execution best-practices, the EMS suggests the best steps to eliminate the most impactful execution gaps and help maximize the execution capacity of your processes.


The EMS takes action in a number of ways, both by automating real-time actions across systems, as well as deploying the right people to remove gaps through automated alerts.


Best-in-Class Performance Across Use Cases

Celonis provides purpose-built solutions for driving business outcomes in departments and roles across the enterprise.

  • Reduce invoice rework
  • Increase one-touch POs
  • Pay invoices exactly on time
Process Mining Meeting
  • Harmonize S/4HANA Migration
  • Improve data quality
  • Consolidate ERP
IT Celonis BPO
  • Migrate to cloud-based SRM
  • Capture more discounts
  • Increase cash flow via DPO
  • Shorten supplier onboarding
Frictionless Finance One Pager
  • Identify RPA use cases
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase 1st contact resolution
  • Decrease incidents / CSR
Customer Service
Process Mining Meeting
IT Celonis BPO
Frictionless Finance One Pager
Customer Service

Contact the Celonis BPO Team

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North America Contact Sr. Dir - BPO & Managed Services West Coast, USA +1-4086270636 | s.jha@celonis.com

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