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Manufacturing organizations are facing growing business, production, and process complexity across the board, from increased regulatory standards to supply chain volatility to the explosion in available data within production organizations. Celonis can help.

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Unlock Capacity to Optimize Quality & Throughput

Celonis enables leaders to consistently deliver quality while managing costs by maximizing execution capacity across your Production processes. The EMS surfaces systemic issues with the greatest impact on performance and takes action to enhance in-flight processes as they run. Precisely identify and remove execution gaps that get in the way of accurate production planning, seamless assembly lines, and optimal machine utilization to transform experiences and achieve breakthrough performance.

Manufacturing Production
Manufacturing Production

How Celonis EMS helps

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Accelerate Throughput

Pinpoint and remove execution gaps across the plant that are causing delays.

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Reduce Waste

Identify and reduce deviations from production standards, minimizing scrap.

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Ensure Quality

Optimize testing, reduce rework, and make sure all regulatory standards are observed.


“The Celonis analysis shows us how many parts are at which station and how many parts have passed through every hour which gives us an overview of throughput times and whether there are any fluctuations. We know now the top ten error causes and can see exactly at which workstation we’re losing parts and where our major weaknesses are. That’s why process mining has been a complete game-changer.”

Udo Gegenheimer
Project Coordinator MES/IT
Eissmann Group Automotive
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