On-Demand Webinar

Optimize inventory with smart material allocation

Join Celonis’ in-house supply chain experts to learn about how process mining and process intelligence can help you craft savvier strategies for allocating materials.

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Use Celonis to reinvent how you allocate

By harnessing the power of process intelligence, Celonis’ contextualized approach to material allocation addresses common issues like excess inventory, stockouts, reduced efficiency, and higher costs — and helps you find new opportunities for value within your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Watch our demo and learn:

  • How Celonis provides a holistic, prioritized overview of materials
  • How Celonis helps reallocate excess inventory to overcome stockouts
  • How other customers have successfully leveraged Celonis to overcome excess inventory


Alejandra Quinones
Alejandra Quinones
Product Marketing Manager
Sahir Jiwani
Senior Product Manager
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