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Celonis for SAP

SAP is the backbone for core operations at your company, making your corporate goals possible. In spite of this importance, inefficiency, operational waste and complexity threaten your ability to remain competitive. Celonis eliminates these execution gaps to unlock the execution capacity of your processes, so you can achieve breakthrough performance. SAP and Celonis have collaborated on more than 220 implementations in over 30 countries, for some of the world’s best-run businesses, including 3M, Airbus, Bosch, Coca Cola, ExxonMobil, Novartis, SABIC, and Zalando.

Celonis for SAP - demo screenshot

Maximize the execution capacity of your SAP processes

From Accounts Payable to IT, Celonis helps you improve your SAP processes in all of the ways that matter to your business.

  • Accounts Payable: Pay on time, every time, and never miss a cash discount

  • Accounts Receivable: Accelerate cash flow and increase productivity

  • Procurement: Reduce maverick buying and achieve 'perfect POs'

  • IT: Eliminate systems migration or consolidation risk with perfect transparency

Corporate Business Meeting
Corporate Business Meeting

How Celonis EMS Works with SAP

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

By identifying and eliminating execution gaps, such as manual rework. Compare geographies, facilities, and more to identify internal best practices. Find opportunities to automate process steps, freeing your employees to focus on strategic priorities.


Ensure Compliance

By identifying violations and proactively suggesting process changes and automations that prevent future violations. Streamline approvals, timelines, and exceptions to improve business processes and avoid business risks. Benchmark process execution and set the right focus upfront before an audit.


Streamline System Migrations

By getting unprecedented insight into your as-is processes and user behavior. Identify gaps pre-migration. Design and test templates and models during configuration. Measure performance and adoption post go-live to accelerating your migration and de-risking your project’s success.

Celonis EMS for the Whole SAP Landscape

DPO with automated root cause surfacing


  • Maximize the capacity of your Finance processes to pay on time, every time. Capture cash discounts without compromising on compliance, and drive productivity across the Finance department.

  • Identify late payments, missed discounts, and problematic suppliers. Improve billing accuracy, and drive productivity to reduce late collections.

  • Process orders seamlessly to ensure business processes never get in the way of on-time fulfillment. Eliminate rework and unnecessary manual steps to control operating costs.

DPO with automated root cause surfacing
Demo screenshot - Celonis for Frictionless Procurement

Ariba & SCM

  • Hunt down and eliminate execution gaps in your procurement process like patterns of maverick buying, frequent price changes, or late payments.

  • Take proactive action and adjust processes to maximize requisitioner compliance and ensure spend goes where it should.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse to ensure your processes continue to drive toward your outcomes.

Demo screenshot - Celonis for Frictionless Procurement
System Migration for SAP

System Migration

  • Discover differences and system gaps to identify areas you need to streamline, and those you should not migrate.

  • Benchmark the execution capacity of your processes against internal and external models to implement best practices, and design the optimal core model for rollout.

  • Monitor processes to ensure ROI and proactively address adoption hurdles.

System Migration for SAP

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