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Star Turns - Starring Ray Wang

Learn with Ray Wang about key developments in the process mining, execution management and wider digitization universe.

Episode 4

Getting system transformations right

Treat system transformation as a math problem and you’re on the right track, says Ray Wang. In conversation with Larry Dignan, the two discuss the role of process mining, the importance of measuring outcomes, and why companies cannot forget the human touch.

Watch now for insight on:

  • How process mining can reveal redundant processes and quantifiable opportunities

  • The importance of change management in getting transformations to stick

  • Best practice to follow – starting with taking an inventory

  • Why a peanut butter sandwich offers a great analogy for system transformation

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Episode 3

Sustainability and the supply chain

When the supply chain is the weakest link, what can businesses do about it? Ray Wang and Larry Dignan discuss fixing logistics, focusing on sustainability, and finding the data to make it all work.

Watch now for insight on:

  • Transforming supply chains to be more agile, more resilient

  • Why supply chains need to run on real-time data

  • How emissions are set to influence how supply chains are built

  • The incoming wave of Chief Sustainability Officers

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Episode 2

Inflation and efficiency

Ray Wang and Celonis Media’s Larry Dignan discuss rocketing inflation, the need for efficiency, and whether technology can save the day. Filmed in May 2022. 

Watch now for insight on:

  • Why companies need to boost operational efficiency to combat rising inflation and price increases

  • The hard cost savings that can come from software, automation, and using data effectively 

  • How a fast food CIO is freeing up their team to do the most important jobs

  • The major business challenges that producer price indexes could be hiding 

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Episode 1

Industry trends, topics and news for 2022

Launch into Star Turns to learn about key developments in the process mining, execution management, and wider digitalization universe. 

Featuring Constellation Research’s Ray Wang, Star Turns covers industry trends, big announcements, and market-shaping topics. Episode 1 is out now. More episodes will be available shortly so stay tuned for exclusive interviews as well as insight on the evolution of process mining, streaming data, automation and more. 

Listen to episode 1 for insight on: 

  • Sustainability and the importance of operationalizing it in every decision. 

  • Operational resilience and ensuring people and processes can keep up with massive change. 

  • Making process mining easier to work with so teams can push recommendations to the top. 

  • Digital transformation and, specifically, system migration and taking the time to find out which processes are working and which are not. 

  • Process mining as the gateway to execution management. Including benchmarking and best practice. 

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