On-Demand Webinar Series

Celonis partners with e.Republic in a series of webinars to talk about the tools necessary to remove decades of process friction from government systems.

A New Government DNA: Rethinking Processes from the Ground Up
Government business processes are often poorly documented and too complex to understand when reviewed with manual methods. In this session you will learn how the Execution management technology helps you to gain visibility and drive improvement across your people, process and technology. It enables you to understand what’s working well, not working well and then take actions to make your systems work and proactively reduce risk.
How to De-Risk Major ERP Migrations
Migrating legacy ERP systems is an integral part of modernizing government for the digital age. But enterprise migrations carry a significant amount of risk. According to Gartner, 60% of systems migrations end in failure because they compromise the mission. For major government IT, the numbers are even more dismal: Government tech projects over $6 million only succeed 13% of the time, according to the Standish Group. With the right strategies in place, however, governments can engage in ERP migrations that are seamless, smooth and, most importantly, successful. Discover keys to productive and successful systems migrations and how the right approach involving process mining technology can control costs and maximize value before, during and after a migration initiative.
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