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12+ case studies that drive home the power of process mining

Discover how top businesses have used process mining and Celonis to drive value and take company performance to the next level.

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You’re sitting on gold. In fact, every company is. There is massive value hiding beneath the surface of every business – and that includes your business.

Since you’re here, you’re likely already interested in how process mining unveils hidden value opportunities and enables everyone to take action on them. 

Before we get into how process mining does that in the real world, let’s run through a quick intro. 

What is process mining and how does it work? 

Process mining is an analytical discipline that combines data science and process science to model, analyze, optimize and improve business processes.

Just over a decade ago, Celonis took the discipline out of academia and applied it to businesses. Process mining is widely recognized — by enterprises, analysts, and the media — as the way to get a real, living, breathing picture of how a company’s processes actually work and run. 

By pairing process mining with automation and monitoring technology, businesses can spot the issues and fix the processes automatically.

Interested in learning more about the ins and outs? Take a look at the below. 

Process mining case studies: transforming top, bottom, green lines

Here are 12 process mining case studies — from retail and tech to manufacturing and healthcare — showing how companies are using process mining to improve their processes and ultimately drive performance. 

1. Johnson & Johnson saw 30% reduction in touch time, 40% reduction in price changes and more “We used Celonis to look at data from a single system, uncover the inefficiencies in the process, and understand the value of process mining first-hand,” said the Product Line Owner for Process and Task Mining at J&J.  


2. Kraft Heinz reduced overdue payments by 30% and got end-to-end visibility across Accounts Receivable to better renegotiate cash discounts. “We’ve already seen returns more than five times greater than what we invested into the use case, which has been fantastic,” said the Associate Director of Global Business Services and Process Mining.


3. Global retail giant ALDI SÜD scored €3.1M in value realized and costs avoidedALDI SÜD handles more than two billion transactions through Celonis; the company has redesigned more than 400 business processes in order to transform their efficiency to date. 


4. Deutsche Telekom saved more than €66M by optimizing its Procure-to-Pay process to tackle duplicate payments and cash discount losses.   Deutsche Telekom Services Europe used process mining to maximize P2P performance and tackle duplicate payments and cash discount losses.


5. GE Healthcare boosted free cash flow by $1.3 billion. A great process mining case study in using the technology to streamline day-to-day operations and unlock working capital within a competitive market.


6. PepsiCo unlocked in millions in Accounts Receivable, achieved an 86% reduction in rejected sales orders and more. It started with Accounts Payable in 2019. Today PepsiCo uses Celonis across nine processes, such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Make-to-Deploy. "Celonis is the genie in a bottle we’ve all been waiting to make our wishes come true," said Chris Knapik, Senior Director of Process Transformation, PepsiCo.


7. Tech Data reduced its P2P total cycle time by 57% in a single year and achieved a 57% reduction in price change ratio in just 6 months.   The business also achieved an automated invoice processing rate of 95%. As far as process mining case studies go, this is an excellent example of the kinds of value you can unlock in Procure-to-Pay. 


8.  Accenture unlocked $35M in annualized working capital benefitsThe consulting firm also reduced request-to-order cycle time by 50% and invoice approval time by 30%. 


9. Avnet scored €10-15M of value year-on-year in working capital impact, productivity gains, and revenue increases. The electronics distributor used process mining across several departments, including Procurement, Sales, and Finance.


10. Sysmex, a leader in hematology diagnostics and testing, increased cash flow by $10M and lowered late payment rate from 61% to 44%.  The healthcare company identified millions in overdue payments and started collecting them with Celonis. In just 30 days, Sysmex recovered $3.4M in overdue service contracts using process mining. 


11. IQVIA freed up $600,000 of working capital and saved millions across Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay.  The leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services saw massive savings, including a 40% reduction in Shared Services Center cost in just two years. 

12. Swiss Luxury Retailer Globus reduced overall cancellation rate by 20%The company also achieved faster throughput times by eliminating the need to manually analyze data. Now, with just one click, Globus teams can gain full visibility into their shipping and eCommerce processes using process mining. 


13. Saint-Gobain saves 240 weeks per year on internal audits with Celonis A case study in how you can use process mining for internal audit, the global manufacturer put process mining to work across the 120 internal audit missions it conducts each year. They reduced the length of each audit by up to two weeks, saving more than 4.5 years of time, and have transformed the perception of audit from ‘policeman to business partner’.


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