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Celonis and the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas join forces to educate the Process Miners of Tomorrow

Process mining professionals are in high demand, and Celonis is teaming up with top institutions like the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas to train the process miners of tomorrow.

Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg, global head of Academic Alliance for Celonis was quoted in a recent article as saying, “Process Mining is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the data science industry and the demand for skilled talent is higher than ever before.”

The Celonis Academic Alliance supports the teaching and learning of Process Mining. Building partnerships with world-class educational institutions around the globe by offering training to data science, business, engineering professors, lectures to students, online courses and access to the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

Just as Celonis EMS empowers businesses to reach new levels of performance, the Academic Alliance empowers colleges and universities to develop a workforce with the process mining and execution management skills necessary to thrive in a data-driven future. To date, the Academic Alliance has delivered more than 1,400 university workshops and worked with over 800 institutions, 1,200 teachers and 250K students around the world.

Celonis + Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

In 2020, the Celonis Academic Alliance partnered with the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC). UPC is a Peruvian university with campuses in Santiago de Surco, San Isidro, San Miguel and Chorrillos. Founded in 1994, UPC’s mission is to educate innovative leaders with a global vision. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, economics, information systems, engineering and more.

UPC has been a Celonis Academic Alliance partner since 2020. With this collaboration, they became the first university in Latin America to develop research projects using process mining software to analyze and identify inefficiencies in processes focused on the healthcare industry. These academic investigations were developed by students in collaboration with international co-authors to be published in conferences that are indexed in Scopus, generating extensive knowledge in the application of process mining in the different critical health services in Peru.

Based on this experience, UPC's Information Systems Engineering major included Process Mining Fundamentals for Students, one of the most successful courses from Celonis Academy, in their curriculum reaching more than 160 students at the university in 2022.

When asked about the partnership, Jimmy Armas Aguirre, Director of Engineering majors, Information Systems, EPE Systems Engineering at UPC, said:

“The launch of this academic collaboration will allow new professional development opportunities for both our teachers and students of the Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science majors.”

UPC Process Mining Winter School

During the first week of August 2022, UPC and the Celonis Academic Alliance collaborated to conduct the Process Mining Winter School, an international event targeting UPC data students that wanted to gain a Celonis certificate. The Winter School was the first event in which international process mining experts and students were brought together in a hybrid setting to learn from each other and complete a Process Mining training program.

Celonis Academic Alliance UPC Winter School

Students and faculty who participated in the ‘Process Mining Winter School’ a collaboration of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas and Celonis

In the face-to-face section, Professor Santiago Aguirre from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana taught a series of Process Mining classes. In the online section, the 40 participating students took the Process Mining Fundamentals for Students course through Celonis Academy’s online platform. To complement both sections, Eugenio Hernandez, Celonis Academic Alliance Manager, ran live question-and-answer sessions to solve all kinds of queries.

The success of this event was the key to realize the interest, the desire to learn of the students and the opportunities that exist in a learning environment by combining multimedia with practice activities and feedback. Each student who successfully completed the Winter School received a certificate to acknowledge their basic knowledge of process mining. This event is the first of many to come in order to build and train a new generation of process miners in LATAM.

The Process Mining Winter School was a lighthouse event for the process mining community in LATAM, and events like this help build a future process mining workforce in the region. The Winter School is also an example of how multi-facetted an Academic Alliance partnership can be and showcases UPC as a leader in process mining innovation in LATAM.

Visit the Celonis Academic Alliance page to learn more about our mission and find out how you and your institution can join our vibrant community.

Editor’s note: Jimmy Armas Aguirre, Director of Engineering majors, Information Systems, EPE Systems Engineering at UPC, contributed to this article.

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Isabella Delgado Lavaggi
Junior Academic Alliance Manager

Isabella Delgado Lavaggi is a Junior Academic Alliance Manager for Iberia and Latin America at Celonis.

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