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Celonis EMS product updates and feature releases for December 2022

Every month, the Celonis team posts information about recent and upcoming EMS product updates and feature releases to Celopeers, the Celonis online community. The information is available in the Product Updates and Releases section of the community. Each post contains a description of what's being released, the release date, the ID(s) (if applicable) and links to any relevant documentation.

Here are the most recent updates for December 2022.

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for December 2022

Studio features released in December 2022

Table components (15-12-2022) Description: Introduces an option to disable filtering using cell selections within the View’s Table component. This configuration can be defined in the component’s YAML setup. Documentation: Table documentation

Sync filters between views (15-12-2022) Description: Brings new ways of synchronizing filters between views. Until now, users could decide if filters should be carried over from one View to another View when using components such as a table or button. When a filter was applied on View 1, and the user jumped to another View 2 by clicking on a button, the filter was forwarded. With this new change, the user can decide if the filters should be shared forward only (as of today), backward only (bringing filters from View 2 to View 1 only), both ways or not at all. In addition to that, the filters are synced immediately. This works no matter if View 2 is a Profile View or linked to the table and button component via View key. Other components like execution gap list or process explorer will follow at a later stage. Documentation: Table documentation

Data Ingestion features released in December 2022

SAP Extractor (09-12-2022) Description: Displaying the “Clean up job” status and retention period in the transaction code /CELONIS/CLMAN_UI. The “Clean up job” is a nightly background job to remove. Documentation: Not applicable

File uploader (09-12-2022) Description: Introduced support for 7z compression type. Documentation: Not applicable

Automation features released in December 2022

Salesforce Action Flows App Update (15-12-2022) Description: Introduces the updated version of the Salesforce Action Flows app with even more out-of-the-box modules. Note: This change doesn’t affect the existing Action Flows that use the previous version of the app. However, we recommend updating Action Flows that use this app with the new app version, since only this version is going to be actively maintained and improved in the future. Documentation: Salesforce

Application and Services features released in December 2022

Procurement Starter Kit (05-12-2022) Description: Introduces the Procurement Starter Kit which gives you insight into the most impactful procurement use cases. With the Validation Cockpit, you can easily understand the calculation of key metrics of the use cases and tailor them to your needs. All settings will be reflected centrally and will be applied to any future procurement app. The process cockpit will guide you to localize patterns and surface inefficiencies to improve labor productivity, supplier reliability, spending reduction, and working capital. The new Root Cause deep dive views are available now for Free-Text Orders, On-Time In-Full Delivery, Payment Terms Adherence, and Three-Way Match use cases. Documentation: Procurement App Starter Kit

Accounts Receivable Collection Management App (December 2022) Description: Introduces multiple improvements to the Accounts Receivable Collection Management App. For the complete list of changes, see Application and Services December 2022 Release Notes. Documentation: Accounts Receivable Collection Management App

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