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Celosphere 2022: Everything you need to know news, product, process mining best practices

Celonis Celosphere 2022 kicked off Nov. 9-10 in Munich with the launch of Celonis EMS Process Sphere, Business Miner and Emporix Commerce Execution Platform, customers sharing best practices on realizing value and democratizing process mining and execution management.

You can find the full agenda along with on-demand viewing on the main Celosphere 2022 page. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know by category. We will update with news throughout Celosphere.

The Big Picture

Celosphere 2022: Celonis brings perspective to process mining Celonis executives unveiled the company's next-gen products and vision for the future of process mining to give more business users perspective across units, departments, value chains and ecosystems. The leap is akin to comparing an X-ray to an MRI.

Celosphere 2022 Alex Rinke Name 2

Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis, at Celosphere 2022

New perspectives not only help us reveal and fix problems. They also help us to reveal and generate value," said Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. "Sometimes at a universal scale. We don’t grow by changing perspective, we grow by adding perspective."

Corporations need to focus on climate change adaptation, quantifying supply chain risks Corporations need to mitigate their sustainability risks to their supply chains and businesses and focus on adaptation, according to Dr. Parag Khanna, Climate Alpha Founder and CEO and Founder and Managing Partner of Future Map. In addition, Celonis launched two new applications developed in collaboration with Climatiq, EcoVadis and IntegrityNext.

Process mining innovation starts with real-world customer experiences says Celonis co-CEO Celonis co-Founder and co-CEO Alex Rinke says customer and user experience plays a crucial role in how process mining is being reinvented to improve the top line, bottom line and green line for business.

Celosphere 2022: Energy, excitement and taking process mining to the next level Acceleration Economy and Cloud Wars analysts share their first impressions from Celosphere 2022 and thoughts on how Celonis is taking process mining to the next level.

Celonis EMS Product Announcements

Celonis announces next-generation MRI process mining technology with Process Sphere™ Celonis EMS Process Sphere takes process mining and execution management from 2D process x-rays to 3D end-to-end business process MRIs. Process Sphere is built on a novel approach to process mining, called object-centric process mining (OCPM).

Celonis brings the power of process mining and execution management to the masses with Business Miner™ Business Miner is a question-and-answer-based user experience within Celonis EMS that brings the power of process mining and execution management to every user in the enterprise.

Ariel Bardin - Meet Business Miner

Ariel Bardin, Chief Product Officer of Celonis, introduces Business Miner at Celosphere 2022.

Celonis Accounts Receivable apps enable data-driven AR management Celonis Accounts Receivable apps are purpose-built applications for collections, disputes and credit management that leverage process mining and execution management to optimize AR operations, enable more efficient collections and improve working capital.

Celonis Workforce Productivity enables end-to-end process, employee experience improvement Celonis Workforce Productivity powered by Task Mining helps companies identify process and employee experience improvements.

Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI supercharges Microsoft’s business reporting platform with process intelligence Celonis EMS Connector for Power BI enhances reporting for millions of Power BI users by enabling customers to integrate process insights from Celonis EMS directly into Microsoft’s data visualization product.

Celosphere 2022: You’re going to see groundbreaking progress on process mining technology Deepening the potential of process mining and empowering the business user. Those are the big product themes Vaishnavi Sashikanth, Chief Engineering Officer at Celonis, said the company will showcase at Celosphere 2022.

Celonis EMS scalability, quick returns and new features applauded by customers and analysts at Celosphere 2022 Acceleration Economy and Cloud Wars analysts share insights from Celosphere 2022 about how Celonis is democratizing process mining and delivering quick results for customers.

Celonis acquires AR solutions provider Sailfin

A Closer Look: Celonis' acquisition of Sailfin, Intelligent Accounts Receivable apps Accounts Receivable (AR) requires an end-to-end organizational view that includes processes that impact it as well as the AR processes themselves.

Celonis ecosystem

The Co-innovation Backstory: Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) Emporix, a commerce SaaS company, launched its Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) powered by Celonis at Celosphere 2022 and the effort highlights how Celonis Labs co-innovates with partners and customers. 

Celonis expands startup ecosystem around Celonis EMS  Celonis is seeing an acceleration in new startups being founded around highly specialized verticalized or horizontal Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products built on the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS). Startups to the roster already include Apolix, Czentric, DataLane, Ditro, Logatik, Marcadus, OFi, Osapien, Process&, ProcessGeek, ProcessLab, Process Owl, Simple, TRic and VisualFlow.

Celosphere 2022: Acceleration Economy analysts positive on new Emporix CXP and expanding Celonis partner ecosystem Acceleration Economy and Cloud Wars analysts share insights from Celosphere 2022 and how Celonis EMS is being used in a new e-commerce solution and how the Celonis partner ecosystem has expanded with several new startups.

Celonis customer value, best practices

Celosphere 2022: INGKA Group Pursues 'The Perfect Order' INGKA Group (an IKEA Retailer) is in pursuit of process excellence and what it calls "The Perfect Order," a uniquely IKEA experience enabled by data and insights, excellence in operations, simplification, standardization, scalability and efficiency.

Celosphere 2022 notebook: Process wisdom from Celonis customers Here's a look at some crowdsourced wisdom from Celonis customers on process excellence, digital transformation, scale, value creation and change management.

Top 5 best practices for process mining and business execution success From the top floor to the shop floor, process mining and execution management provide value by helping people work better. That was the consensus from the business execution experts.

Celosphere 2022: Skoda targets procurement process excellence with the help of gamification Czech automaker Skoda has identified €1.7 million in optimizing its procurement processes with plans to scale Celonis with the help of a little gamification.

ERGO: How a process mining board game is driving digital transformation at one of Europe’s major insurance groups Digital transformation is a cultural journey that requires process transparency and sometimes a board game explains Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer ERGO.

Process excellence: Three things that drive process mining success and innovation At Celosphere 2022, Cloud Wars and Acceleration Economy analysts share three insights from Celonis customers and executives about what’s driving process mining innovation and adoption.

Celosphere 2022: DHL improves warehouse performance with Celonis EMS DHL has deployed Celonis to improve its warehouse performance, quality and throughput in its logistics operations. 

Celosphere 2022: Equans process improvements 30% reduction in throughput time Equans, a global utilities service management company that operates in 17 countries, reduced its service throughput time by 30% and processed 10,000 fewer service orders per month by improving its operational and contract management processes with Celonis.

Celosphere 2022: Bayer’s Timo Peters shares CoE blueprint Bayer's Timo Peters, Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead for Process Mining, shared lessons learned about scaling process mining across large enterprises. Peters’ recommendations are a must read for companies at all points of the process mining journey. 

Celosphere 2022: Credibom notches value in overall process cycle time, rework Credibom, a consumer bank based in Portugal, is just starting its process mining journey, but has expansion plans after seeing early value realized.

Celosphere 2022: ALDI SÜD runs more than 2 billion transactions in Celonis  ALDI SÜD has launched its first real-time Celonis Execution Management app for its daily supply chain process performance as part of its broader digital transformation efforts.

Celosphere 2022: Here's How Nokia Scaled Process Mining, Execution Management Nokia has scaled up its Celonis Process Mining and Execution Management System (EMS) adoption by focusing on processes with the best returns and connecting to systems with maximum transaction volume.

Celosphere 2022: BSH Appliance Group optimizes working capital with process excellence  BSH Appliance Group has deployed Celonis for multiple processes to optimize working capital and free cash flow as it navigates demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions and inflation.

Bayer Group’s Timo Peters on expanding process mining use  Timo Peters, Bayer Group's Center of Expertise (CoE) lead for Process Mining, said process mining can be democratized across a broad range of business users. But first there are a few things on your to-do list to make that vision a reality.

AmerCareRoyal CIO: Why Celosphere is important for us to attend  Jeff DeSandre, CIO at AmerCareRoyal, explains why Celosphere is a chance to further integrate with the Celonis community and amplify the value his company gets from Celonis EMS.

Dave Peterson - Celosphere 2022 Logo

Dave Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer at Celonis, kicks off Celopshere 2022

Process Mining and Execution Management trends for 2023 and beyond

Gartner at Celosphere 2022: The future of process mining will be autonomous Gartner Analyst Marc Kerremans said that future use cases for process mining will evolve to focus on execution with sustainability, streaming business events, IT composability and operations orchestration emerging within 2 years to 5 years.  Digital twins of an organization and autonomous business operations will emerge as use cases within a decade. 

Process mining, optimization 2023: Here's what analysts are predicting Corporations will need to adapt to macro-economic challenges and optimize processes in 2023 as process mining demand accelerates. Here's a look at what analysts say about process mining and execution management for 2023.

Celosphere 2022: Showcasing innovation, building relationships, making an impact When we face tough challenges, such as inflation and global instability, it’s more important than ever that we come together, share innovative ideas, learn from one another and build relationships, said Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis.

CEOs put premium on process, efficiency, agility for 2023 The 2023 planning season is underway, and CEOs and CFOs are facing a lot of unknowns—inflation, recession and supply chain issues—but one thing is certain: Efficiency and agility will be the constant no matter what scenario plays out. 

CeloCoE Champions League EMEA #2: The power of cross-company processes and inspiring value approaches The second CeloCoE workshop in Munich brought together champions from Bayer, BMW, Bosch, Knauf, MANN+HUMMEL, Telia, Uniper and Zeiss to discuss cross-company processes and value approaches, two topics chosen by the participants.

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