10 Great Reasons to join the Engineering & Product Departments at Celonis: Part 1

Join the Engineering & Product Departments at Celonis: Part 1

Are you looking for your next challenge? Somewhere you can indulge your inner geek, make a real difference, get things done you can be proud of and develop your professional standing? 

At Celonis we are looking for the next generation of top-talent. We want rockstar engineers - whether you’re fresh out of college or a digital veteran with ten years of experience - to join our dream team. To help you decide whether that’s you, I’ll be including a more detailed description of the sort of people we want to hear from at the end of part 2 of this blog. 

We know you’re in demand and here I’m going to give you 10 great reasons why you should check us out and put Celonis at the top of your list for a closer look. We’ve broken this into two parts - five great reasons in each why you should join #TeamCelonis.

Reason 1: Innovation is part of everything we do

Innovation is what gets people like us excited - right? And that includes innovating how Celonis does things too. When we switched from on-prem to the Cloud to boost the productivity and efficiency of Celonis’ software, that allowed us to continuously release updates and proactively monitor our software to improve our product, customer service, and bring more value to our customers. “The Cloud lets us do everything faster - from iteration based on customer feedback to innovation”, says Bardh Lohaj, Engineering Lead at the Celonis’ Applications and Development Center of Excellence in Pristina. “In just a little over 1.5 years, the Engineering team has simplified the way apps are built on the EMS platform, by building reusable libraries and frameworks. Now, product teams can run microservices and applications independently, allowing them to stay as close to the customer as possible. It’s a project that showed success very quickly - the majority of our customers have now adopted this Cloud approach.”

Reason 2: Make an immediate impact

Sometimes coding can feel like being a tiny cog in a massive machine. As a Celonis engineer, your code will help solve companies’ biggest business challenges, break down silos and even make the world a better place. With Celonis, companies have saved millions of dollars, reduced waste and even provided substantial support in the COVID-19 crisis to millions of people.

For most of us, having a direct connection like this between what we do at work and what people can achieve because of our work is really important. It determines how we feel about our careers. But the connection is not always as visible as we’d like. One of our team members at Celonis is Robert Seilbeck. He’s Head of Backend Development in our Munich headquarters. When I asked him about this he said, “Before I joined Celonis, I couldn’t always see the bigger picture - how my coding was making a difference. Now I am developing a domain-specific analytical in-memory database with its own query language, that companies are using to work out what they could be doing better. I can track the impact I generate almost immediately and get the rewarding feeling of solving actual problems.” 

Reason 3: Find new, better ways of doing things 

New problems need new solutions. That’s why at Celonis we have developed our very own query language for the sort of challenges our customers need to solve. 

The Celonis software interrogates and optimizes processes, so we developed the Celonis Process Query Language (PQL). It is inspired by SQL but tailored to process-related queries, with the ability to translate business questions into executable process queries. PQL is processed by our own custom analytical database. That gives us not only the advantage to own and optimize the code for our specific use cases but also gives us the freedom to add the latest process mining algorithms. Celonis PQL covers a broad set of more than 150 process operators, ranging from process-specific functions to machine learning and mathematical operators, and is optimized for large amounts of data. 

“The proof of Celonis PQL’s maturity and value to our customers is demonstrated every day by the thousands of users across multiple different industries who apply our code to various process types and huge amounts of event data - millions of queries per day”, said Jessica Ambrosy, Senior Software Engineer, People Lead PQL at Celonis.

Want to learn more about our PQL? The Celonis PQL Team wrote a publicly available chapter in the book “Process Querying Methods”. See how we’ve built it, what makes it unique, and how it’s used.

Reason 4: We get things done - fast

“A reason to join Celonis  - in comparison to other companies - is that the innovation cycle is really fast. Develop today, deploy tomorrow is more than a slogan here - it’s how we really do things.” That’s what Philipp Hoch, Principal Software Engineer responsible for Infrastructure projects said when I asked him about why he particularly likes working at Celonis.

Going slowly is often a recipe for frustration and boredom. However, as part of the Celonis Product & Engineering organization, you’ll be able to create and expand software products and even categories at incredible speed. Our working methodology dramatically increases innovation capability and productivity while balancing autonomy, quality, communication, and accountability. All this enables us to rapidly release new products which address urgent market needs.  

Does it make a difference? Yes! “Getting the right balance between innovation and productivity is one of the hardest things to achieve”, says Elona Dika, Engineering Operations Officer at Celonis, based in Pristina. “For example the Spotify Model is a great development methodology that we adopted at Celonis to meet our exact needs -  we really are able to move faster and with less friction than I’ve experienced at other companies.”

Reason 5: Be part of an exciting success story

“Growth” is one of those business-type words we hear so often that it sort of blends invisibly into the background. But think about it - growth is really important to the sort of work you do and the opportunities you get. 

Companies growing fast are usually doing something different and better than their competitors. They are working on the largest projects for the most interesting customers. They have new challenges coming in all the time and new people joining from all over the world with the latest ideas and innovations you can learn from. 

Celonis might be a new name to you. But we are growing fast - a unicorn with offices all over the world and one of the IT industry’s hottest companies. And there’s a reason for that: We bring together process analytics, AI and automation to help companies maximize the performance they can achieve with the time and resources available.

As employees in the Engineering & Product organization we are constantly evolving challenges, creating new products and services, have great customer relationships and opportunities to learn. 

Armed with the right insights, our customers can do things better and faster than ever before. They are getting better feedback from their customers, selling more as a result, saving money and improving customer satisfaction. It’s a super powerful proposition that means we can grow as fast as we can with the right people on-board.

That’s a really good insight into how we work, how we think about innovation and how you too could grow your perspectives and skills here at Celonis. If you can write clear, understandable and testable code with a continuous focus on maintainability, and have hands-on experience with building complex cloud services and products in Java, TypeScript and C++ on frameworks like Spring Boot and Angular, we want to hear from you.

In Part 2 [see here] of this blog I’ll be covering five more great reasons why you should join Celonis.

In the meantime, have a look at our openings in Engineering and Product and feel free to contact our Engineering & Product recruiters for an informal chat about how you could fit into the Celonis story and what it’s really like here: Lorena Rebenciuc (l.rebenciuc@celonis.com), Lisa Oberhofer (l.oberhofer@celonis.com) or Ben Towers (b.towers@celonis.com).

by Martin Klenk, Co-Founder and CTO, and Team Celonis

Celonis Martin Klenk
Martin Klenk and Team Celonis
Co-Founder and CTO // Engineering & Product

The best team is a diverse team - and a the best team wins. That is #TeamCelonis.

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