Employee Spotlight: Raquel Carballeira Carrera

Celonaut Spotlight: Raquel Carballeira Carrera, Growth Programs Manager

Why have you decided to join Celonis?

I was amazed by the speed at which Celonis is growing, its ambition and how the company is building an extremely talented team to achieve it. This is exactly the environment I wanted to be part of so I was really glad to get this opportunity.

What do you plan to achieve in your new role at Celonis?

I want to be able to impact change and eventually contribute to the growth of the company. At the same time, I want to keep developing my skills and to collaborate with as many Celonauts as possible, as I think the people around you are the best source of learning.

How do you plan to leverage your expertise in your new role?

My plan is to bring a programmatic and structured approach to support the Go-To-Market Organization. I have a good understanding of how a SaaS sales organization works, the challenges it might face, potential solutions, etc. I am ready to use my experience in Programs and Business Development to help scale and grow.

What is your management style and what matters to you most?

Empowerment and transparency are the two essential elements. 1) Empowerment: In order to achieve our best we all need to be encouraged, trusted and held accountable. 2) Transparency: We need to understand why we are doing things, what is expected from us and what outcome we are looking to achieve. I think that having a constant flow of information and feedback is really important to work at our full potential.

What role does the ecosystem play in your eyes?

It helps us create and maintain a strong network, which is crucial to be able to scale faster and better. We will always achieve more if we all work together and towards the same goal, and that is the kind of collaboration that the ecosystem supports.

Tell us about your values – how do they align with the Celonis values?

I am a committed person that always tries to be the best version of herself. I like owning and being accountable for the work I do. Also, I love collaborating with other teams: the more people involved, the more one can learn and the better the result.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.  

I love animals – any animal around makes me happy! And I am a dog lover and will be adopting a new dog soon 😊 Road trips in the countryside are my favorite kind of trips. You get to know local people, discover the real essence of a country and you get to listen to your own music all the way!

Raquel Carballeira Carrera just joined Celonis in Nov. 2020 as a Growth Programs Manager at our international Center of Excellence in Madrid. Raquel has been in the tech industry for several years, and will apply her knowledge to further scale Celonis now. Welcome to the team - you are our full-time employee number 1,000.

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