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Celonaut Spotlight: Yuchen Wang, Senior Consultant

Introducing Yuchen Wang, Senior Consultant working remotely in the US since August 2021. Yuchen is a passionate Consultant who was recently recognized with our ‘Above and Beyond’ award for his dedication to customer needs. 

He explains his role in driving our success and what’s unique about the Celonis work environment that has allowed him to thrive. 

Y Wang
Yuchen Wang
Senior Consultant

First things first. What is the Celonis Services team? 

Celonis Services is a strategic organization focused on the technical aspects of our customer journey and thought leadership through deep product, technical and domain expertise. It is focused on driving Celonis implementations and product adoption for our customers, bringing together our best practices and delivery experience, award-winning enablement, and support expertise. 

What does being a Consultant mean to you? 

“It means being part of the team that does most of the hands-on work in making Celonis a reality for our customers,” answered Yuchen. “This typically includes building innovative solutions using our product to solve clients’ complex problems. Our goal as a team is to do everything that we can in a consultative manner to work with the customer and make that vision a reality.” 

Consultants are key to customer success at Celonis. Their ability to understand customer needs and meet their goals is crucial to building strong customer relationships and proving the value Celonis offers. 

“Whenever we have a new customer, we give them the ‘White Glove Treatment.’ We treat them with the highest level of care, respect and attention,” revealed Yuchen. “It means listening to what they need from both a business and technical perspective, understanding what their business goals are, and how that translates into tangible assets that we can build or implement.” 

#LiveForCustomerValue isn’t just something we say, it’s a core value that’s brought to life by our employees. Yuchen embodies our values and was recognized with our ”Above and Beyond” award for his dedication to customer needs. 

How have you developed since joining Celonis?

Yuchen has been pushed to develop his skills to better not just himself but his team and Celonis as a service provider. “We’re encouraged to go after certifications, whether that's something like project management, time management, presentation skills, anything we have a passion for,” explained Yuchen. “I went for a scrum certification in agile project delivery. The certification costs were covered by Celonis, and  the course helped me better understand the language our customers are using.” 

Learning & Development is built on our values and the ambition of each Celonaut to constantly raise the bar. Consultants are introduced to new and exciting challenges every day. We provide growth opportunities through our learning experience platforms, mentorship, internal mobility opportunities, and more. An investment in Yuchen is an investment in Celonis.

Which of Celonis’ values resonates with you the most?

“I’d pick FISA - Focus, Identify, Simplify, Act - because I really enjoy our technical work,” noted Yuchen. FISA guides our thinking and actions and ties in all of our other principles. FISA is how we act 'The Celonis Way.'

“Customers often have requests that appear extremely complicated to them, and in their head, it’s this huge unsolvable problem,” explained Yuchen. “But we can usually simplify that problem, especially with the help of Celonis as a tool.” 

What’s unique about the work environment here?

“We’re constantly evolving. As Consultants, we’re always learning to stay on top of the latest developments,” acknowledged Yuchen. “It can be challenging, but there’s never a boring moment!” Building a leading process mining tool isn’t achieved by standing still, and Yuchen didn’t realize over $23 million in value for clients with convergent thinking. 

“In previous roles, I got into this routine where everything just started to become the same,” described Yuchen. “But with Celonis World Tour and Celosphere, there are always these new, exciting product launches. And one of the first teams to get enabled on those new product launches is Services. We help deploy those new technologies to our customers which is always exciting!” 

Interest in process mining and how it can eliminate billions of dollars in inefficiencies is growing. That’s why we bring the greatest minds in the industry together with thousands of customers and prospects globally through our biggest events of the year - Celonis World Tour and Celosphere. These events showcase the power of process mining, and how we’re using it to change the world. One process at a time.

What key skills does someone need to succeed on your team? 

“The two key skills are communication and technical expertise,” revealed Yuchen. “So communicating both to a technical and non-technical audience and then your technical ability to build the solutions to our customer’s problems.” Combining business process consulting with technical expertise is far from easy. But our Services team loves the challenge.

“If you can build a great tool or application in our EMS, it means nothing if you can't communicate the value or teach the customer how to use it,” explained Yuchen. “The contrary is also true. Even if you can speak really well about what you plan on finding, if you can't actually build the solution using our EMS, it's difficult to realize value.” 

Fortunately, these skills can be learned and qualifications can be attained. Prior to joining Celonis, Yuchen became a Certified Celonis Implementation Professional through the Celonis Academy. This enabled him to build the skillset that made him the accomplished Celonis Consultant he is today. Learn more about our academy here.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Team Celonis?

“The opportunity to work with a wide range of customers is excellent,” described Yuchen. “I have worked with customers that span the entire globe across various industries.” Impact every process, every industry - that’s the Celonis mission. Our customer success stories speak for themselves and Yuchen is an integral part of our accomplishments. 

Though Yuchen loves many things about his role and his team, there’s one thing that he believes makes Celonis the perfect next step for ambitious Consultants.

“When I was doing traditional consulting, I’d often identify the problem and then tell the customer they need to tell other teams to resolve the issue,” continued Yuchen. “But with Celonis, it does feel like you have both the expertise now as well as the tools.”

If you’re someone who loves seeing the impact of their work firsthand and helping customers solve what once looked like unsolvable problems, Yuchen thinks that Celonis is the right fit for you. 


We’re growing our Services team. Implement and deliver process excellence with us. View our open positions.

👩‍🚀 Yuchen is a Senior Consultant with 5+ years of consulting and technical data analysis experience spanning numerous industries, domains, and toolkits. He is passionate about turning customers’ Big Data into value opportunities and was recognized with the annual “Above and Beyond” award at Celonis for his dedication to customer needs. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the Bay Area, spending time with friends and family, hiking, and playing video games from the mid-2010s.

Jay Stenstrom
Jay Stenstrom
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Jay Stenstrom is a Talent Acquisition Marketing Intern at Celonis. Based in the UK, he’s pursuing a Marketing degree where he’s found a love for creative writing. Fueled by his passion for bringing our people’s stories to life, Jay works with Celonis employees to spotlight their successes, showcase typical days in their lives, and what it’s like to be part of Team Celonis.

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