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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the recruitment process look like at Celonis?

Interns/ working students
2-stages interview process:

  1. Interview with the recruiter
  2. On-site/ Zoom interview with dedicated hiring managers/ team leads/ team members with or without a challenge preparation

Full-time positions
3-stages interview process:

  1. Interview with a recruiter
  2. One or multiple on-site/ Zoom interviews with dedicated hiring managers/ team leads/ team members (usually a challenge needs to be prepared beforehand)
  3. Final interview with a member of the senior management team

Simultaneously, a HiPeople Reference Check is taking place.

Should I apply for multiple positions?

We recommend that you only apply for one position at a time. Let us know in your application if you’re interested in other openings. Even if you don’t, our talent acquisition team will always evaluate your profile for other positions as well. They’ll let you know if we see a better fit somewhere else.

Are there any application deadlines?

As a rapidly growing company, Celonis is constantly hiring and there are therefore no application deadlines.

Do I need an enrollment certificate?

A certificate of enrollment is required for a mandatory internship. For a voluntary internship during your studies or between/after your studies you do not need a certificate of enrollment.

Which training opportunities does Celonis offer to employees?

Celonis offers various trainings, both internally and externally, around topics such as sales, prospecting, data science, management, soft skills, and more. Trainings are offered depending on your role, background, and career path.

Are there opportunities to work abroad at Celonis?

Celonis is a rapidly-expanding, global business. All of our employees are encouraged to embrace this global context and take advantage of the opportunities to work abroad in one of our international offices.

What's it like to be an Intern at Celonis?

As part of our values, we aim to give interns real responsibility, facilitating a steep learning curve. You’ll own projects and be exposed to several initiatives to gain as much experience as possible during your time at Celonis. We offer internships across all of our departments for a minimum of 3 months. Join our rocketship and kickstart your career amongst our growing and inspiring teams!

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