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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there are about 450 employees, most of which work in our headquarter in Munich

The amount of teamwork you will experience depends mostly on the department you are in. While in data science most of the work is done in teams, the developers, for example, tend to work on their own, but have regular consultation through team meetings.

We are a young and dynamic team which is characterized mainly by its start-up atmosphere and high degree of professionalism. The average age is about 27 years old and most of us are fresh graduates or young professionals with 2-3 years of work experience. In a very typical start-up manner we do not use overly formal interactions anywhere throughout the levels of the work hierarchy.

The average work day varies from position to position. Celonis has adopted a system of trust-based working hours, but generally you should be in the office during the main working hours. In addition to the typical tasks of the job, each of us also takes parallel smaller projects that are driven completely autonomously and with regular consultation with colleagues.

We continually offer various workshops, product training and webinars for our employees. Both technical as well as social skills are trained. In addition, Celonis likes to promote development projects that are suggested by employees. Also, given outstanding commitment, anyone has the chance to adopt a leading role after only a very short time.

Data Mining and Process Mining are the standard technologies of the future and thus make Celonis a very promising company. We also offer flat hierarchies, free development opportunities and the chance to quickly work independently and free.

Do not worry, with us you will not be thrown into the deep end. Each employee gets a manual, containing all the important information about the company, on their first day. Furthermore, there is a tour of the company and a series of introductions to all other employees. Each new starter will get a mentor who will accompany them for the first few weeks and is ready to assist with advice and practical help.

In addition to typical start-up benefits such as beer at the end of each work day, free drinks and fruit as well as trust-based working hours. Also, working at home is possible under certain circumstances on a daily basis.

In one word: very! Firstly, there are currently 3 different Celonis locations, namely Munich, Amsterdam and New York. Our team is usually very international but, of course, it depends a lot on the respective Department. For example, our accounting team is rather local, while the staff in the development department comes from more than 10 different nations.

Generally, we very much support a move from one location to another, but obviously this also depends on the respective Department. If no permanent stay abroad is sought, there is the possibility to cooperate in international projects.

In Celonis, in addition to the local language of the office, English is the main language. Whether knowledge of a certain language is necessary or not, is again very dependent on the respective position. For the development department, English is sufficient, however, the sales manager of each establishment should speak the local language.

Basically, Celonis Process Mining can be used for every process in any industry. Currently, we are most used in the industrial sector and in the telecommunications industry. In addition to this, the pharmaceutical sector and the food industry use Celonis Process Mining a lot.

Celonis is pursuing big goals! We want to go public by 2020 and, till then, are striving to become even more international and to inspire more and more sectors and companies to adopt Process Mining.

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