Celonis Process Excellence Day

Take part in a series of on demand webinars and learn how leading companies from various industries are generating added value through operational excellence and more efficient processes - for the company, their customers and the environment.

Thursday, April 18th
Thursday, April 18th
On Demand Webinar I Customer Session PMI
Our Way – Process Mining Evolution at Philip Morris International
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Join us for this webinar where we'll embark on a journey through the evolution of process mining at PMI. Jacek Bujas, Digital Transformation Manager & Process Mining and Modeling Lead will delve into the evolution of process mining, sharing success stories and valuable lessons learned.

Jacek Bujas,
Digital Transformation Manager & Process Mining and Modeling Lead
Philip Morris International
On Demand Webinar I Object-centric Process Mining
Cash flow optimization: object-centric process mining in action
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Find out how Object-Centric Process Mining (OCPM) can optimize your cash flow and drive cash generation.

Economic changes, recessions and slumps in sales lead to high financing requirements. One tool for generating liquidity without external capital providers is the use of object-centric process mining. Object-centric process mining offers an innovative approach to process mining that enables a holistic representation of company processes. It is like upgrading from an X-ray machine to a high-resolution MRI machine for your business processes.

Your AP, AR and inventory processes contain thousands of potentials that can be exploited through conscious and targeted process optimization.

Find out in our webinar how you can use process-related levers to increase profitability with OCPM and at the same time achieve significant increases in efficiency and accelerated cash flow.

Tobias Lensker,
Manager Value Engineering
On Demand Webinar I Sustainability
Process Intelligence meets Carbon Intelligence - Record and reduce emissions in the supply chain with Celonis and Climatiq
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The pressure is increasing: Investors, customers and employees are demanding that companies measure and reduce their emissions. CO2 is becoming an important KPI - and there is a risk of penalties and loss of reputation for non-compliance. At the same time, calculating emissions is often manual, time-consuming and requires specialist knowledge.

Join our webinar to learn how Celonis is committed to making it easier for our customers to record and reduce scope 3 emissions - and grow their business. See live how Climatiq calculates carbon emissions in your value chain on an intelligent and scientific basis. Get to know our sustainability solutions that use process data to determine carbon reduction potential and help you achieve your sustainability goals, without compromising key supply chain performance metrics.

Philipp von Bieberstein
Philipp von Bieberstein,
Co-Founder & CRO
Michael Hogenboom,
Sustainability GTM & Innovation Lead
On Demand Webinar I Supply Chain
Celonis as Supply Chain Control Tower
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Find out more about the innovative use of Celonis as a supply chain control tower, what is behind it and how it can be used to achieve end-to-end transparency in the supply chain. The path to increasing efficiency in the supply chain. The webinar offers an in-depth insight into the innovative use of Celonis as a supply chain control tower and how it can be used to achieve end-to-end transparency in the supply chain.

We will highlight practical application examples and show how companies can use the Celonis Process Intelligence Graph to optimize their processes, identify bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of their supply chain. Immerse yourself in the world of process monitoring and learn how Celonis serves as a central building block for the successful management of complex supply chains.

Peter Budweiser Celonis
Peter Budweiser,
Director Product Management - Supply Chain
On Demand Webinar I Process Automation Orchestration
Business processes without orchestration are like an orchestra without a conductor
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Unlock the potential of your IT landscape with our upcoming webinar on Process Automation and Orchestration. Have you ever pondered the possibilities of seamlessly integrating your existing IT tools and systems without constraints? Imagine the efficiency, agility, and innovation that could be unleashed by harnessing the power of an Orchestration Engine. In this webinar, we'll delve into the transformative capabilities of process automation and orchestration, demonstrating how these technologies can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive business growth. Join us to explore the realm of possibilities and discover how orchestration can elevate your organization to new heights.

Michael Hubrich
Michael Hubrich,
GTM Lead
Rudy-Kuhn Celonis
Rudy Kuhn,
Lead Evangelist
On Demand Webinar I GenAI
Combining Celonis Process Mining with IBMs GenAI for Enhanced Business Performance
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In today’s data-driven business environment, companies are constantly seeking ways to harness the power of their data to improve efficiency and drive growth. Unstructured data, which comprises a significant portion of an organization’s data assets, often remains underutilized due to its complex nature.

Watch this on demand webinar to discover the potential of combining the Process Mining Technology and Generative AI to effectively utilize unstructured data for business optimization and decision-making.

Elias Hagemann,
Celonis Lead DACH
Johanna Kaiser,
Process Intelligence Consultant
On Demand Webinar I BPM
Business Process Management and Modelling with Celonis
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Discover how the combination of process mining and business process management (BPM) enables process improvement with a unique mine-first, model-second approach, unlocks AI in process design, and facilitates process and system transformation.

Process optimization redefined: Celonis’ acquisition of Symbio is a major step in providing organizations with more comprehensive process intelligence. Symbio extends the Celonis platform by combining process mining with business process management capabilities.

Join our webinar to learn how you can enhance your digital twin to capture the entire organization with its process and system landscape, customer touchpoints and all associated contextual information in addition to your end-to-end processes. Model target processes with the help of AI and simply roll out process changes to all employees.

Oliver Zeller
Oliver Zeller,
General Manager BPM
Headshot Tom-Thaler
Tom Thaler,
Principal Product Manager
John Reinhold
John Reinhold,
Principal Value Engineer
Alexandra Chrys
Alexandra Chrys,
Lead Value Engineer
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