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Keeping the world open

FedEx helped keep the world open when borders closed, businesses went remote, and people stayed indoors. The unique global reach of FedEx was needed more than ever to keep goods moving through supply chains and products reaching customers, especially during periods when traditional routes for travel and commerce were heavily restricted.

Now, with e-commerce and Industry 4.0 technologies accelerating faster than ever before, you have an opportunity to expand your digital capabilities and realize new efficiencies across worldwide operations.

Data — both where it comes from and how it is utilized — can be the driving force behind how FedEx capitalizes on this opportunity to transformation, innovates for customers, and enables the internal collaboration needed to keep processes agile across all departments. This means addressing long-term, digital strategy challenges and finding more sophisticated solutions.


“Volatility, uncertainty and evolution have become the norms in the global transportation market, and we are able to use our flexibility to accommodate changing conditions in the global economy, including the continued growth of e-commerce.”

Power new capabilities

This is where Celonis comes in. We are helping FedEx gain full visibility and control over its end-to-end processes, starting with cash flows. We can also enable fact-based decision-making to prioritize sustainability across your existing processes. We can then enable greater agility, effectively future proofing your business to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace.

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What is the Celonis Execution Management System?

Celonis’s world-leading Execution Management System (EMS) acts as an intelligent layer on top of your existing systems. It leverages process mining technology to extract and analyze event data in real time.

It identifies the execution gaps (bottlenecks, waste, inefficiencies) in your processes, knows which ones have the biggest impact on your execution capacity, and triggers real-time actions to eliminate those gaps.

Not only this, but Celonis Execution Apps empower your workforce to apply data and intelligence across the logistics and shipping value chain, without having to swap out or change the underlying transaction systems.

We can help you to improve FedEx’s data capabilities quickly, not just across your logistics and customer-focused operations, but in ways that will transform your back-office operations and help them become more fluid and collaborative.

The effect of Celonis data-driven execution

$567 million

in working capital freed up

$105 million

in cost savings

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