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Customer Service leaders strive to provide superior customer experience while running an efficient contact center. But execution gaps in poor ticket routing, manual tasks, and ineffective self-service portals reduce customer satisfaction. Celonis helps improve the customer experience with ML-based recommendations in routing and customer outreach.

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Unlock the capacity of your Customer Service processes

Lower your resolution times, increase the efficacy of self-service options, and ultimately increase your net promoter score with Celonis.  

The EMS extracts and transforms data in real-time from your transactional systems, identifying gaps — like which service case attributes have the greatest impact on resolution times, which stages in the self-service process are causing trouble, and which incidents are being handled by multiple agents even though they all have the same root cause.

It then acts to remove these gaps, intelligently automating workflows, prioritizing work by impact, and alerting your front-line employees to their next-best-action.

Use powerful machine learning models to predict the resolution time of incidents and intelligently reprioritize to avoid missing SLAs. Proactively update knowledge bases that are causing customers to drop off. And group related service cases so that they can be resolved by a single agent, increasing efficiency.


How Celonis EMS helps

Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Make every experience with your organization apositive one. Ensure that customers can find the information they need and that service tickets are resolved quickly and accurately.

Decrease Resolution Times

Identify which execution gaps are causing long resolution times, potentially resulting in costly SLA penalties. Predict long-running support cases in real-time to intelligently prioritize resolutions.

Increase Self-Service Resolution Ratio

Identify weaknesses in your self-service offerings that are causing customers to drop off and contact an agent. Feed this information directly to the service team to update the appropriate knowledge bases and increase self-service impact.

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“We started with Celonis to improve our service management processes and now understand the entire life cycle of all service tickets.”

Joe Simon
Vice President, Enterprise Intelligence, Data Science, Value Engineering and Governance

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