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How process mining is helping Vodafone

Vodafone shares their process excellence journey in Network Operations and how they leverage automation to ultimately improve their end-to-end processes to deliver an improved NPS for their customers. Michelle Willis, Head of Technology Operations will expand upon this journey and reflect on the reality of what is not seen or what is not normally seen in a standard data analysis.

How process mining is helping Vodafone UK find a new tomorrow?

How can Celonis help Vodafone?

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See how Celonis demonstrated value in just 3 weeks by connecting to and analyzing Vodafone's Incident Management data.

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Want to learn more?

Discover solutions for Vodafone

Arrange a demo with our expert Tom Truman to find out how Celonis EMS is helping Vodafone UK save 2m work hours. Learn how you can speed up the Trouble-to-Resolve process in your Vodafone business.


“We could see in our process flows, one of our customer journeys actually had 85% of faults on a particular route… why would we be doing that manually? Easy win - we should automate that process”

Michelle Willis
Head of Technology Operations
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