Process Mining: From Theory to Execution

Professor Wil van der Aalst pioneered the field of process mining in the 1990s, describing it as the missing link between data science and real-life processes. Enter an entirely new academic discipline, which has since become the industry standard for better business process execution. Learn with this process mining course about the science behind the technology and its real-life applications, including the way it’s being used today by a large number of Fortune 500 companies, during this self-paced, virtual course.

Everything about process mining with Wil van der Aalst

Hear more from Professor Wil van der Aalst himself

Explaining the science behind the groundbreaking technology

Wil Masterclass

Everything about process mining with Wil van der Aalst

Online Course

What you’ll get:
• 10 hours of on-demand virtual learning 
• A deep-dive into academic theory from Professor van der Aalst
• Practical use cases and exercises from Celonis
• Free access and certification

What you’ll learn:
• Understanding current trends in the field like process mining and automation
• Process Discovery algorithms and varying types of process representations from ‘directly-follows’ graphs to Petri nets
• Drilling down your process and detecting bottlenecks: sequence cuts and other filtering methods
• Comparing Real and To-Be Worlds: Conformance Checking and Root Cause Detection
• Understanding patterns and taking preventative measures: Comparative and predictive process mining

Don’t miss the chance to master process mining and understand the core of this state-of-the-art technology, so you can apply it to your studies, your business, or anywhere else.

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