4 Tech Innovations Process Geeks Can Expect at Celosphere 2021

Every now and then in the history of work, a new process approach is born, one that sets new standards in how business is done. Think of Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma: all of them aimed to create a culture of continuous improvement, spreading best practices and ruthlessly identifying bottlenecks. And although all of them certainly brought us closer to process excellence, they just didn’t go far enough. 

Most of us still struggle with the same decades-old problems: we still pay invoices early. We still deliver goods late. We still rely on gut feeling to forecast sales revenue. And we’re still chasing invoices that never get paid. Why? 

Because all of these processes rely on decades-old, rigid transactional systems: ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle (or, in some cases, dare I say, just Excel). These systems are excellent at tracking outcomes, but they do very little to improve them. And previous process improvement methodologies couldn’t overcome their limitations, but just work within them.

At Celosphere 2021, the world’s largest Process Mining and Business Execution event, we will unveil the technologies and tools that will redefine how business is done. We’ll show you what happens when today’s most advanced technologies — Process Mining, AI, and automation — converge into one intelligent Execution Management System. A system that acts as an intelligent execution layer on top of your existing landscape, maximizing outcomes across the board instead of eking out manual, siloed improvements.

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Sounds too good to be true? Here is a sneak peak for all Process Mining lovers, Six Sigma black belts, and process excellence people of what to expect at Celosphere.

1. The next evolution of Process Mining

We’re the global market leader in Process Mining for a reason. In the last decade, our Process Mining engine — which is 8 times faster than other tools — has helped hundreds of industry leaders unlock millions in their business (Deutsche Telekom saved $80M across Procure-to-Pay alone).

Now, at Celosphere 2021, we’re going to unveil tech innovations that catapult Process Mining to a completely new level: enabling you to predict the impact of process changes with process simulation, build custom connections to your systems with our visual connector builder, and visualize data across processes and systems.

Graphic 1 Process Simulation

2. Automation gets smart (finally)

At its best, automation is flexible, scales with the organization’s growth, and can tackle even complex cases that would otherwise require human judgement. But the many pitfalls and failures of RPA projects (half of all initial RPA projects fail, according to EY) have made it clear that automation via bots alone can’t deliver on that vision. Because bots basically replicate click paths, they break as soon as any one of your systems changes and must be rebuilt from scratch.

It’s about time that automation got smart. And that’s exactly what we built.

In the last few months, we’ve been working hard to up our automation game by bringing our newly acquired automation platform Integromat and our world class Execution Management System together. Why did we choose Integromat? Because they made automation so easy and seamless that customers like Facebook, Zalando, Spotify, and the United Nations saved 70,986 days of busy work in 2020 alone.

That’s something like 197 years worth of work that they otherwise would have had to perform manually. Not bad, huh?

Integromat Image

At Celosphere 2021, you’ll see what the combination of these two powerful platforms look like. With our advanced automation engine, you can intelligently automate across hundreds of systems — while the engine detects, flags, and resolves exceptions entirely autonomously, only ever bothering people for the highly sensitive stuff according to complex business logic.

3. Maximize execution capacity with our Execution Apps

Our Core Execution Apps made a huge buzz at last year’s Celonis World Tour. Bundling execution best practices with EMS capabilities specific to your department, they help you orchestrate all process activities and automations to improve the KPIs you’ve set. The Execution App for Accounts Payable, for instance, helped Fresenius Kabi:

  • Go from capturing 61% of cash discounts to 90% today

  • Reduce capital costs by $542k through payment term optimization

  • Accelerate 100k process activities with process automation

This is what you get when you maximize AP

If all that’s still new to you, don’t worry. At Celosphere 2021, you can hear from our customers about how they’re using the Execution Apps and the value they’ve unlocked. And that’s not all: in the last few months, we’ve been also working tirelessly on 3 brand new Execution Apps for core processes that every business, in every industry needs to improve. Come to Celosphere and check them out!

4. Want an Execution App for your process? Build it without coding!

Celonis and our partners offer over 100  pre-built Apps to tackle your individual business challenges, which can all be found in the EMS Store. The perfect app for your use case isn’t available yet? Join our ecosystem of customers, partners and third-party developers developing their bespoke solutions using Celonis Studio.

In the studio’s low-code environment, anyone can be a dev. Discover what’s possible and build, version, and deploy your own views, machine learning models, BPMN process models, and KPIs with an intuitive, point-and-click interface — no coding needed. Our partners will also showcase some of the apps they built that may be perfect for your use case. Check out the agenda to find the session that’s just right for you.

Build your own Role-specific dashboard views

Lastly, if you want a real deep-dive into all the amazing features the Celonis platform has to offer, check out our 30 intimate basecamp sessions led by Celonis product managers.

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And there's still so much more to come! Because it wouldn’t be Celosphere if we didn’t have a couple of other huge announcements in store. So stay tuned for more news on the agenda, celebrity guest speakers, and sessions you don’t want to miss — or better yet, sign up now!

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