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How Our Business Resource Groups Are Cultivating An Inclusive Culture

Our journey towards fostering an inclusive and vibrant workplace culture reached new heights this year, thanks to the commitments of our Business Resource Groups.

With eight global BRGs - including three that were launched in 2023 - we're committed to fostering a workplace that reflects and values the varied perspectives and experiences of our employees. Here's how their initiatives give our people a sense of belonging and how they'll continue to cultivate an inclusive culture.

What is a Business Resource Group?

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) at Celonis are voluntary, employee-led groups that drive impact, foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, and are backed by executive support. Our communities align with living The Celonis Way, including our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).

Here's how each one helps us build our inclusive culture. 

Asians @ Celonis

Since its launch in March 2023, Asians@Celonis has rapidly grown to over 170 members worldwide. May marked a significant moment as we celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month at Celonis. Throughout the month, Celonauts were invited to join various events shedding light on Asian culture and history. Further highlights in 2023 included our Eid celebrations in Bangalore, New York, Kosovo, and Munich, the Mid-Autumn Festival in New York, and Diwali festivities taking place globally. Local events such as a comedy show in New York and a Bollywood Dance workshop in Munich also added to the vibrant mix. The BRG's dynamic initiatives continue to contribute to our inclusive workplace culture, fostering connections and understanding across our global Celonis community.

Asians@Celonis: Munich

"We welcome individuals of all backgrounds to come together, celebrate diverse Asian cultures, and foster a supportive environment for professional growth and cultural appreciation. As part of the Leadership Team, I aim to bring Asian culture and traditions to Celonis to raise awareness and facilitate cross-cultural collaboration.”

Mrunmayee Kode - Cloud Security Engineer│Asians@Celonis Co-Chair

Black @ Celonis

One of our longstanding BRGs, Black@Celonis, boasts over one hundred active members and made a significant impact on our commitment to inclusivity this past year. A standout moment was a fireside chat featuring respected German journalist, author, and podcaster, Alice Hasters. The BRG organized events commemorating Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, and more, providing valuable opportunities for education and celebration of black culture throughout the year. Notably, the Conscious Inclusion Training pilot, developed in collaboration with Celonis’ DEIB team, was officially launched. This initiative equips Celonauts with tools to recognize and address biases, fostering a more conscious and inclusive workplace.

Black@Celonis: Day of African Descent

“Black@Celonis is a group for Celonauts of the African diaspora & Allies to connect, share knowledge & experiences, and influence the culture of inclusion at Celonis. This year we’re continuing our efforts towards initiatives that enable more representation and foster belonging and inclusion at Celonis.”

Derice Darlington - Senior Field Enablement Manager│Black@Celonis Co-Chair

Latinx & Allies @ Celonis

Celonis' newest BRG, Latinx@Celonis, has nearly a hundred members, flourishing with three main chapters in Madrid, Munich, and New York. The BRG's launch aligned with Latinx Heritage Month in September, ushering in a month of vibrant celebrations. The BRG engaged members with insightful articles each week that delved into various aspects of Latinx culture, covering topics from social influences to renowned athletes, creating a dynamic platform for cultural exploration and connection.

Latinx@Celonis: Munich Launch

“Our mission as a BRG is to create a vibrant and supportive community that recognizes the unique perspectives, talents, and contributions of Latinx heritage. After a successful launch in 2023, our team is planning several educational, awareness, and networking events in 2024. We have an exciting year ahead of us!”

Jennifer Martinez & Simon De Castro - Senior Value Engineers | Latinx & Allies @ Celonis Chairs

Parents @ Celonis

Boasting a membership of over 400, Parents@Celonis is a thriving community committed to championing employees' success as both Celonauts and parents. Serving as the collective voice for parents at Celonis, the BRG has achieved significant milestones, including advocating for industry-leading parental leave policies, implementing a back-to-work reintegration program, and hosting enriching parenting workshops. Noteworthy moments in 2023 include the introduction of gift boxes for new parents, vibrant 'Take Your Kids To Work' day celebrations in NYC and Munich, and the launch of a dedicated Mentorship Program tailored for Family Leave Returners.

Parents@Celonis: TYKTW Day NYC

“We’re the voice of all Parents at Celonis. Our BRG provides parents with a place to express concerns and suggestions to improve our benefits offerings, and feel part of a strong, inclusive community that understands their needs and plans activities fit for them. In 2024, we’ll continue to build internal awareness for Parents@Celonis and provide support to all Celonauts stepping into the fantastic world of parenthood.”

Uri Tenzer - Senior Corporate Account Executive│Parents@Celonis Co-Chair

Pride @ Celonis

Pride@Celonis is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and empowering space for LGBTQ+ Celonauts. Achieving this involves enhancing internal awareness and visibility, organizing regular global social events, and maintaining active community engagement. Notable initiatives included a webinar hosted by Celonaut Joseph Steele on Transgender History for Transgender Day of Visibility. Pride Month featured vibrant local celebrations worldwide, with a standout moment being the 'Trans 101' Keynote speech by Ben Greene. In a meaningful collaboration, Fundación Eddy, a non-profit supporting young people from the LGBTIQ+ community, visited Celonis Madrid for the second time, providing an opportunity for Celonauts to listen, share, and learn about the experiences and challenges of their peers.

Pride@Celonis: Madrid 2022

“We celebrate our diverse genders and sexual identities, and we exist to create a safe and accepting workplace for all Celonis employees. In 2024, we’re continuing our mission of increasing awareness at Celonis through webinars, events, and celebrations.”

Nitay Caspi - Product Management Manager│Pride@Celonis Co-Chair

Resilience @ Celonis

Resilience@Celonis, a widely embraced BRG with over 300 members, focuses on enhancing the resilience and wellbeing of our most cherished asset - our people. The BRG regularly conducts educational webinars and masterclasses, with some taking place during our inaugural 'Well-being Month' in May, dedicated to mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. A standout event was the exclusive 'Unleash Your Peak Potential' masterclass, which garnered considerable popularity among members, showcasing the BRG's commitment to fostering a resilient and thriving community at Celonis.

“Our focus is our people. We use the latest research and scientifically proven methods to help maintain Celonauts’ resilience and wellbeing. In partnership with our Benefits team, we’ll be focusing on providing the necessary tools to help Celonauts achieve greater physical and mental wellness this year.”

Jesly Medeiros - Workplace Service Coordinator│Resilience@Celonis Co-Chair

Veterans @ Celonis

This year welcomed the establishment of another new BRG, Veterans@Celonis, which has grown to over 50 members since its launch in June 2023. The kickoff harmonized with Armed Forces Day in the UK, featuring a special lunch and keynote with the BRG's committee for Celonauts. November took on the theme of 'Veterans Month' at Celonis, marked by local office lunches globally and a grand virtual celebration featuring Mandy Hickson, former Royal Air Force pilot and renowned motivational speaker, for Veterans Day. Mandy was the second woman to fly the Tornado GR4 on the front line, amassed over thirty years of aviation experience, and engaged in three tours of duty and 45 missions over Iraq. The BRG's swift growth and impactful initiatives underscore its significance in fostering connections and support for veterans within the Celonis community.

“Veterans@Celonis is for Celonauts who have military connections or service including veterans, reservists, their families, dependents, friends, and allies. Our purpose is to connect with one another, develop new skills, provide mutual support, and foster personal and professional growth. Supporting Veteran hiring efforts is a top priority for 2024, as well as continuing to grow our community of Veterans and allies across Celonis.”

Pat Farragher - Account Executive│Veterans@Celonis Co-Chair

Women & Allies @ Celonis

With close to 500 members, Women&Allies@Celonis stands as our largest BRG, devoted to four core principles: offering education and support for women and allies, advocating for gender equality, celebrating DEI, and nurturing an inclusive community. In 2023, several noteworthy events marked the BRG's calendar. A standout occasion was the webinar and Q&A for International Women’s Day, featuring Anastasia Milkova, director of the movie ‘Woman,’ making it one of the most popular events of the year. Our VP of Marketing, Divya Krishnan, hosted the inaugural Women&Allies peer coaching session where she shared her best practices for delivering an unforgettable presentation. In celebration of the International Day of the Girl, Anitha Scaria George shared her experiences as a female leader in the tech industry in a talk with Celonauts. These highlights underscore the BRG's commitment to empowering and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace at Celonis.

Women@Celonis: Paint & Sip

“Women and Allies@Celonis is all about bringing women and allies together in a way that supports the next generation of women leadership and raises awareness of this initiative. We want to help drive connection between women and allies in a way that can uncover more opportunities for career growth and skill development as well as personal development. I have learned a lot from many inspiring women since starting the BRG here in Madrid and believe this has been the case for others which we hope to continue."

Dounia Pajoheshfar - Senior Product Marketing Manager│Women&Allies@Celonis Co-Chair

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the incredible achievements and moments of unity shared by our BRGs in 2023, it's essential to recognize that our journey towards DEIB is an ongoing commitment. As we take our next steps, we continue to invest in our BRGs and DEIB efforts, working collaboratively to build an even stronger, more connected, and inclusive community. The chapters we've written together in 2023 are just the beginning of an exciting journey of growth and progress at Celonis.

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Jay Stenstrom
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